Exercises to do regulary for a lean body

Exercises to do regulary Dance, aerobics, outdoor activity or sports there are many more trends to try when you want to look fit. But none of these can replace a daily routine of exercise. Daily Exercise burns your fat and moreover makes you feel active.

Here is some of the exercise you should try your hand on:

  1. Walking: The simplest form of exercise, you don’t need to concentrate, you just need to walk and your body will take care of the rest. An average person walks 5 to 10 km every day if they are working in a field which required moving a lot. Take a walk, its feel good.
  1. Squats: Remember when your teacher asks you to do squats, who know that we can do it willingly one day. It helps you to prevent knees, back and ankle injuries. It boosts your flexibility and balances the communication between the most important pair in our body – Muscles and the Brain.
  1. Swimming: Not a sweat making exercise, its total fun, swimming makes active and also It’s Boost your energy level and make every muscle to work at the same time.
  1. Running: Want to get maximum advantage of walk? Let’s Run! It will burn more calories, makes you inhale more oxygen. it will Keep your heart healthy and make your leg and joints flexible.
  2. Thoracic Rotation: The thoracic spine is located between your neck and your lower back, so when you rotate your body its exercise and relax all muscle.
  3. Pushups: The most common yet evil exercise. People think it is an arm exercise and very tough to do, But it’s not. It is a whole-body exercise which makes you fit if you do it regularly. Take a break if your body catches fire doing this but do it regularly.
  1. Pull-up: I can bet, you must have tried this exercise with a door frame at school or home, while you were a child. This exercise takes no time and can boost your shoulder and upper body muscles. If you want to work really hard, you can add some weight to your body, by using a weight belt or anything.
  1. Stretching: Now it’s time to touch your toe, without folding your knees! This is a kind of warm-up exercise, but it also keeps your muscles strong and body flexible.
  1. Plank: It will help you to balance your body and poster. It will build core muscles, leg, shoulder, and arms. It also helps you to strengthen your back and reduce back pain.
  1. Bridge: Just like Plank it will reduce your back pain and keep it healthy. It will also provide shape to your body and reduce the fat from the lower body. Exercising Regular and you will never get back pain.

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