WPS Payroll Solutions

Payroll Solutions / Wages Protection System
It is an electronic salary transfer system that allows businesses to pay wages to their workers via financial institutions that are authorized to provide this service. This was initiated to protect the rights of expatriate workers to timely and promised wages by the Ministry of Labor and the Central Bank of UAE. We are an approved and authorized agent to provide WPS.

To empower salary earners through organised salary payments, we bring Tankhwa Card, the WPS-compliant payroll solution, enabling convenient, timely and secure salary pickup through the branches of GCC Exchange in the UAE.

Benefit to Employer

  • Easy to disburse their employee salary
  • Salary Paid / Unpaid report is available at any time
  • Easy Salary Account reconciliation
  • Reduce Paper Work
  • Integrated with WPS (CBUAE & MOL)

Benefit to the Employee

  • Salary disbursal on time
  • Employee can withdraw their respective salary at any time
  • Discounts and Privileges available for individuals drawing salary from us as WPS customers
  • GCC Exchange – Tankhwa Card

Documents Required


Registering with GCC Exchange for WPS is Very Easy:

WPS Online Registration