Digital Screen Advertising

Here at GCC Exchange, we have branches located at prime locations in UAE, that attracts a diverse and engaged audience on a regular basis. With foot traffic and visibility, we offer our Smart TV’s installed in our branches as an ideal space for businesses looking to enhance their brand presence. GCC SmartTV screens are observed by over 120, 000+ customers from different nationalities who walk-in to GCC Exchange branches in a month. The screens are placed inside all GCC Exchange branches at locations which serve high visibility.

Digital Screen Advertising

Key Features:

High foot traffic and visibility
Demographically diverse audience
Flexible advertising spaces
Customized packages to suit your needs

Why Advertise with Us?

Proven track record of successful partnerships
Tailored packages to fit your budget and objectives
Access to a large and diverse customer base
Increased brand visibility and recognition

GCC SmartTV offers flexible and cost effective platform for companies to advertise and promote their product and services. GCC SmartTV gives flexibility in changing advertisements or campaigns easily and quickly, without any additional cost . Automated and remotely controlled system ensures you to launch new communication or campaigns at lower content production cost and improved message consistency.

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