How to handle a job rejection? Tips and Tricks

Crack Interviews ConfidenctlyJob rejection is something no one would want to experience in life but has to, in the end, it’s heartbreaking and diminishing, after all the work and practice it feel like the end of the time, but take it as the opportunity it’s the best way to bounce back.

• Be Positive: Even after getting rejected many times, you must find a way to stay positive, look at the bright side of the failure, you learn something about yourself, often when we fall, we learn to pick yourself up.

• Feedback: When you get rejected, don’t be a sore loser, ask the interviewer for the feedback, it’s the only way you can learn and make sure to be prepared for next time. It shows a good sign of dedication to the interviewer, a person who is willing to accept the failure and try to change, they will surely remember you if you meet again.
• Plan -B: Don’t put your all eggs in one basket; make a contingency plan in case of rejection, so instead of slipping into depression, you have a plan to follow up. It will keep you busy and feeling of downgrade won’t affect you when you already set up for a new opportunity.

• It’s not you: When you go for an interview, they want you to help them not the other way around so if you get rejected, keep that in mind it’s not you, it’s them. After giving your 100% and getting rejected, you need to consider that it was not the job meant for you.
 Forget the past: In today’s world, we need to move on fast as we can, walking around with baggage of rejection won’t help you, learn from it and let it go. It’s always a new day and a new job waiting just for you around the corner.

• Don’t doubt: Never ever doubt yourself, you came prepared, you give your best and you get rejected, it’s ok. Be strong about yourself and keep your moral compass in focus. Don’t let an arrogant interviewer change perception about yourself.
• Keep learning: After every rejection, there will be a mountain of question inside you, focus on a key point, where you lacking, what skills you need to learn, how you could make it better, find everything which can help you and keep learning.

When the owner of Alibaba group rejected in a job for KFC, 23 out of 24 got selected. Michael Jordan will tell you that every failure will make you stronger. Rejection in job or relationship will sting a bit or lead to major depression; it’s you who need to decide. Every rejection is bringing you one step closer to your perfect job.


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  • November 2, 2017 at 8:42 am

    Hey it’s me Samuel an SEO Expert at Top Recruitment Agency in Nepal and before getting this position I have failed too many times and even rejected for 9-10 times in job interviews but of struggle and patience, I got the good position and respect. Motivating ownself is the best practice to move forward for our goal.


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