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VAT Payment Service Dubai

VAT Payments Solutions:

All entities that are registered under the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) which possess a TAX Registration Number (TRN) and a GIBAN bank account number can visit any of the GCC Exchange branches in the UAE to make their VAT payments to the FTA.

Documents required to process VAT Payment:

  • TRN Certificate
  • Trade License Copy (For the New Corporate Registrations)

What is TRN?

Tax Registration Number (TRN): A unique number issued by the Authority for each Person registered for Tax purposes.

What is GIBAN?

A GIBAN is a unique IBAN number that is given to every taxable person

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One thought on “VAT Payment Service in Dubai, UAE – GCC Exchange

  • June 7, 2018 at 2:41 pm

    I do strongly agree with you with the regards in VAT payments but Opponents of VAT claim that it unfairly burdens people with lower incomes. Unlike a progressive tax (like the U.S. income tax system, in which higher-income individuals pay a higher percentage of tax), a VAT is like a flat tax where all consumers of all income levels pay the same percentage, regardless of earnings: Whether your annual income is $50,000 or $500,000, you are levied the identical 15% VAT on products and services. Obviously, that 15% cuts deeper into the budget of the $10,000 individual than the $500,000 person. If the former paid $1,000 in VAT taxes, that comes out to 2% of his annual income. If the latter pays the same $1,000 in VAT, it’s only .02% of his income.

    I think its better to approach VAT Consultants ( for more clarifications.


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