Some Amazing Tips on How to Dress up for a Job Interview

Some Amazing Tips on How to Dress up for a Job Interview

A job interview is not just getting all the answer right, it’s about setting up the first impression, a total stranger would evaluate you in a matter of seconds that are you the right candidate for the job. A right outfit to the interview is a half battle won.

  • Suit up: Dress-code of an interview totally depends on culture and environment of the company, but when in doubt, choose the suit, a suit should be comfortable and not too shiny, for woman same thing applied, always choose cotton over other. Wear a suit in fashion, your 10-year-old marriage suit won’t get you a job.
  • Shoes & Heels: Remember that interviewer will notice everything; your shoe need be polished and clean, not too Choose lather with a combination of your suit. Wear decent socks. For woman makes the heel to a minimum, your shoe should not have open toe or back. Keep the color not too bright.
  • Accessory: Your tie needs to be plain, not too flashy or printed; a tie can be a distraction. Wear a belt matching your shoes. Avoid jewelry. For a woman, it goes the same. Keep your jewelry to the least. No flashy or dangling one.
  • Neat: Wear clean and pressed clothes, if you don’t have iron make sure to visit dry cleaner, wear deodorant but don’t wear cologne or perfume, same goes for a woman, wearing those make you look too overpowering. make sure to trim your nail. For ladies, you should need to be cautious about nail polish.
  • Brush your teeth: It’s important that you brush your teeth before an interview and make sure not to eat anything in between. Bad breath will not be entertained.
  • Hair: Make sure to comb your hair professional, unless you’re going for a hairdresser. For woman try not make it more stylish, avoid hair band or bright clips, also a ponytail would not go with your suit. An updo would suffice.
  • Bag: Taking your college bag to a high profile or your new Gucci bag would not be advised. A portfolio or briefcase would be appropriate. A portfolio is a great accessory; you can store extra documents in it.
  • Wear a light color shirt or not too bright under the suit, understand your need for cufflinks and tie clip and do not wear anything flashy, ladies need to be careful with makeup, don’t overdo anything.

Job interviews are opportunities, you don’t want to lose it by just the way you appear, what you wear is your projection in someone’s mind and that need to be positive. By dressing Professional and in the right manner will help you gain more confidence and successful looking. Register with Dubai based job portal websites.


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