How to Get Dressed In an Interview

Interview Dressing Tips for Men and Women

Interview Dressing Tips for Men and Women

A good rule of thumb is to dress like your boss. Even before the interview starts you have already made your image based on how well you are dressed. Every company has a different dress code. It is appropriate to dress casually for an interview, you must look professional. Given below are some of the guidelines which are usually termed as appropriate dressing gesture.


You must suit the suite for what you are applying. Get dressed in a manner that is appropriate to the position for which you are applying. You should wear a suit to interviews. A dark suit with light shirt is your best option with a matching jacket, trouser, dress shirt, tie, socks and dress shoes

You should be comfortable in your own suit such that you look and act your best. Clothing should be neat and clean. It must also be ironed. Don’t forget to take a Shower in the morning of the interview.

The fragrance is important. You must have a light smelled deodorant, Such that you don’t want to smell worse which may cause an allergic reaction.

Shoes must be formals, must be in good condition and should be well polished to give the shine. They should also match the colour of your belt.

Your hair should be neat, clean, and set. Professional dressing shows a huge amount of respect for you as well for the interviewer and the company. You may not have to dress like this every day, but you are likely to be taken more seriously when you are presenting yourself in a professional manner and take the time to attend to these small details.


Generally, Ladies must wear a suit with a skirt or pants.  When in doubt, be more conservative. Your suit should be comfortable and fit you well. If not get it personalized from any tailor. Interview suits should be simple and dark in nature. Anything tight, bright and materialistic stuff should be avoided.

Knee-length skirts are suggested. Modest and long skirts are considered trendy for interviews. Wear a blouse that goes with your suit. Do not wear bright colors, animal prints, or anything lacy, sheer, or low-cut that looks absolutely dull in the environment.

Makeup and nail polish can be used. Bright colors are generally avoided. Skin colour tone is usually preferred and advised. Keep your jewellery and hair accessories to a minimum, and stick to those that are not dazzling. One ring each hand goes well. Shoes should be formals, low heels and must go well with your suit. It should be well polished.

Your clothing should always be ironed. Your hair should be neat, clean, and decently tied.

We are sure these tips shall definitely make you look presentable.


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