8 things that leaders do differently

Good leaders know how to do things well. Great leaders inspire others to do things well. If you teach someone to farm, you freedom for lifetime right? successful leadership is all about containing equal amounts of doing and holding all the others accountable.

So what are some characteristics that great leaders possess?

1.    They know how to face the facts no matter how brutal it may be.

The bad news is a part of our daily life. Great leaders do not just wait for it or wait until the task or project is completed, they always search for the red flags and identify when it is off-track to reach the desired goal. Whenever an employee points out any negative part or failing projects, the leaders always appreciate the fact that it was brought to their immediate attention. This helps them get extra time to find solutions and solve the problem faster.

2.    Taking accountability seriously

The higher executives of the company always want regular updates of every project whether it’s during the weekly discussions or through any kind of software that helps the strategy execution. If the goals haven’t been achieved, the great leaders always take this opportunity to discuss, gather all the information and make the necessary adjustments for every employee so that the company can succeed.

3.    Look out for the bright spots

Great leaders not only lookout for the good news but all the victories that can be replicated and shared across all the other departments of the company.

4.    They develop and prioritise the winning moves

Not every good idea can be a great idea. Implementing too many strategies and plans can spread the team too thin resulting in cracks. Good leaders always focus on the several key strategies which they then discuss with all the executive team leaders before deciding which one would bring the company a step closer to the goal.

5.    Remove whatever is not working.

When the team has conceptualized the project, the product or the service from the very beginning of the plan, nurtured it and worked hard to make it work, it is quite hard to pull the plug off if the plan is not working. A great leader must always be able to decide whenever something is not working and if required scrap it off no matter how hard they all have worked for it to succeed.

6.    They know to focus on the best and brightest

It’s quite easy to get distracted by new ideas and plans. But if the goal that needs to be achieved is big enough, everyone would be excited to work towards success.

7.    Plan the successful quarters

Focusing on the annual goal is a common friend, but the quarterly goals are the one that helps the company to stay in the competition and great leaders know that each week in a quarter is crucially important.

8.    A good leader leads The adjustment meetings

Knowing the status of where the project stands is something all the leaders must do to keep the whole business moving forward. Great leaders and executives always focus on the leading adjustment meetings where the whole team can discuss the main plan that is about to get off track and provide the necessary solutions and advice for improvement.


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