4 Self-defense Techniques to Incorporate for Woman

4 Self-defense Techniques to Incorporate

The rising rate of crime signals to the growing need of self-defense for every individual. While women and children are often more vulnerable to the increasing crime, self- defense is applicable for every individual as you never know when you might need to defend yourself.

Now, before we proceed with some handy techniques that can help you to incorporate self-defense in your life, let’s address the issue of the false notion that self-defense is equal to violence.

Self defense does not foster violence, neither does it require you to have some rigorous training. Perhaps, by being alert and through common sense, you can easily overpower your attacker, irrespective of his strength or weight. Having said that, let’s move to our techniques:

  • Situational Awareness: This technique is dependent upon how alert you are about your surroundings. Not every situation needs you to fight. If there’s a way you can avoid the situation from escalating into a violent one, then that’s the best self defense technique that you can apply.
  • Aim for Specific Body Parts: If avoiding the situation is out of the question then try to aim for attacker’s body parts like the groin, eyes, knees, nose or neck. These areas are relatively weaker as compared to other body parts. Besides by applying this technique, you will get some time to escape your attacker as he is going to be in immense pain, if you aim for the above mentioned body parts.
  • Carry Sharp Objects: As far as possible, keep your car keys, pen or any sharp object handy when you are travelling late at night. Just in case, if you are being attacked, you can easily injure him with your pen or car keys. Refrain from using your nails as that will only lead you to injure yourself. While the striking may not completely protect you, but it can certainly buy you some extra time to escape.
  • Start Creating a Ruckus: Shouting for help or creating a ruckus, will draw attention from people, which will help you to tackle the situation at the hand. Similarly, even if you are alone still adopting this technique will help you in creating a fear of being caught in the mind of an attacker.

It’s true that there’s a whole lot of self-defense techniques out there, but the above mentioned techniques can go a long way in helping  you to protect yourself. Likewise, always remember the ground rule, be alert and choose your fights wisely. In case, if you have an such creative self-defense techniques then feel free to share them with us!


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