How to Look Confident, Especially When You Lack It

Look Confident Especially When You Lack

We have all experienced the scary feel that sends the chill down our spine. We often end up envying the people who seem confident in every given sense. However, is it so? Are they totally confident or merely pretending to be?

Every individual experiences the self-doubt, the nervousness that dips down their confidence level but what they do well is fake it like they are super confident.

Therefore, here is how you can look confident even if you are losing out your senses inside,

Body language – Body language plays a huge role in making you appear as if you are loaded with confidence. Standing and sitting erect, keeping your chin up, your hands should be free but not lose – are some of the body language tricks you must consider. Your body should always convey that you are calm and composed.

Talk more – Communicating and conveying amply helps you reduce your stress level. If you are surrounded by people in the party and you feel you are lacking the confidence simply go and talk to them. You can talk about work, films, travel, music or anything that would interest both the parties. This will not only establish a friendly foundation between you two but would also release stress from your system.

Make your mind believe – Okay, perhaps you are losing your control on your wits but do not let your mind accept it. Make yourself believe that this is just another presentation that you are going to rock. Tell yourself that fumbling while speaking is still okay. Ask yourself not to admit that are scared at any point of time. The more you tend to accept the idea that you are confident the easier it would get to make others believe it.

Imagine Scenarios – Imagining good always generates positivity. Suppose you have a scheduled presentation tomorrow then you needs to revive your confidence by imagining that your seniors are impressed by the presentations and that you are gaining appreciation from colleagues. Keeping positive thought like these help you stay composed and motivated throughout.

Do not over think – Thinking about it is good but over thinking is hazardous. We humans own the tendency to over think and over imagine the circumstances and scenarios that are never going to take place. This hampers your confidence to a greater extent hence avoid over thinking about it.

Be Yourself – Nothing is as comfortable as being yourself. The level of confidence you would gain by being yourself is unbeatable. So, do not attempt to pretend someone else. Do not try to match up to someone. Always keep in mind that your rawness can provide you an abundance of confidence if only you begin to care less about people.

Confidence comes naturally to some while some merely need to learn several tricks. With confidence by your side, your preparation is enhanced hence, it is vital to own it like a boss!

Tell us how do you trick yourself to become confident?


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