8 ways in which Digital Marketing is becoming a major part of Marketing

Over few decades, digital has become the priority for lead generation, enlarge business worldwide as well as creating innovative displays. Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies. As digital platforms are increasingly incorporated into marketing plans and everyday life, people are visiting less in physical shops, digital marketing campaigns are becoming more into use. There are various types of Digital Marketing methods such as search engine optimization(SEO), search engine marketing(SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, data-driven marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing etc are becoming common nowadays. It also has its impact which is discussed in the following points:

1)      Instant Communication: Interacting with customers in like spinning a roulette wheel. The social media acts as a wheel itself that allows marketing companies to communicate with public.      

2)      Overloaded Contents: This is an important topic to be discussed as such so huge that it has been given the term content shock. For example; every 60seconds 3.3million people make a Facebook post, and 29million messages are distributed via WhatsApp. That means marketers have their work cut out and the companies notice by the people using applications.

3)      Horde of Data:  A huge knowledge about customers can be gained by marketers with the help of modern technology. Without skilled workers data is of no use. Contents that are provided to the customers should be personalized.

4)      Demands for Transparency: Nowadays customers are aware of the companies they interact with and purchase from. Loyalty plays an important role here. Therefore,  transparency is very essential between marketers and customers.

5)      Promotes Intimacy: Business clean about the potentiality of the customers based on the data they can gather. This makes personalization a great weapon.

6)      A new propagation of leverage: In this modern age, companies are no longer in a need to hire celebrities for the promotion of their products and services. Being aware of this fact, new influencers, brands have taken hiring influences to convince and engage customers.

7)      Playing loom up: Digital technology is changing overnight. Despite, these changes require employees across department to be engaged, work togetherly and most importantly update with development so they have the efficiency to adapt and use these changes to the company’s advantage.

8)      Invigorate transformation: Innovation has engaged brands to reach out and engage their customers. With this many sectors have had creative  and take initiatives that enabled them to complete.

Therefore, digital marketing is all about utilizing technology to achieve objectives. There is no requisite need for digital marketing to always be separate from the marketing department as a whole, as the objectives of both are the same.


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