9 Reasons why taking a break from home can increase your productivity

Take a break to stay productive and awake!

Working continuously for hours might help you complete your tasks but it certainly affects your productivity. This is the reason why it is suggested to take short breaks depending upon your work to be more efficient.

But how does taking a break help to increase productivity? Here are some of the possible answers to this question:

Avoiding decisional deadlocks: It seldom happens that you get stuck at some stage of the project you are working on. In such a situation, a short break might help you to stay away from getting wound up with the issue and focus more on coming up with a solution.

Defragmenting Energies: Sitting continuously at a place and pushing yourself to get something done can cause a blockage to other parts of the body and mind. Getting some time off can help you balance this energy and hence be more productive.

Change of perspective: Distancing yourself from the task at hand for a while helps you looking at the problem from a different vantage point. This might help you to figure out better ways to get the job done.  

Relax: It is often observed that some of the most innovative ideas strike at times of leisure. This is because the brain at this point is not focused on a particular task. The canvas gets a lot bigger and our mind is allowed to wander and find a solution that might have not been possible in a stressful environment.

It is healthy: Having a power nap of 10-15 minutes can help you refresh your whole system. When you wake up, you feel fresh and energetic which in turn would help you work more skillfully.

For your eyes only: Sitting in front of a computer or laptop screen for long hours can be really harmful to your eyes and head which would certainly reduce your efficiency. A short break can give your eyes some rest.

Clear thinking: Continuous consumption of information can bring your brain to a threshold and it might not execute the assignment properly. Taking a short recess to meditate can clear the clutter of thoughts so that you can actually process the information to work in a better way.

Pattern Matching: When you take some time off, you might actually recall a similar situation at work you must have had before. This reminds you of the ways in which you dealt with the previous situation and you figure out the means to work on it more creatively.

Detachment: More often than not, you get so attached to the task at hand that you lose the track of the bigger picture. A brief recess can help you visualize, plan and then work on the desired outcome in an organized manner.

Breaks are really helpful in releasing the pressure that might degrade your performance at work. Taking short breaks every once in a while keeps you calm and composed so that you can be in the present moment.

Source: InnovationChasers


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