Tips to Make a Strong Brand Presence in Low Cost

Tips to Make a Strong Brand Presence in Low Cost

Building a awareness for your brand could cost you more than creating your product. Creating brand awareness is critical for every company. A customer needs to know your existence to actually buy your product or interact with your brand. Most of the brands take a shortcut by hiring an ad agency, they are expensive, sometimes doesn’t reach to the customer on a personal level. Here are few tips to make a strong brand presence in low cost

  • Customer Service: This one applied to new or even old brands too. Give your customer an excellent service and they will be back. Remember a complaining customer is your golden chance to market your brand because when you go out of the way to help them, they will remember it.
  • Social Networks: Using social network can be a key player to boost your brand presence is the social Engaging with your prospective future customer and showing the true potential of your brand can have a great impact on your sells. Creating brand pages and account, trending your brand as the hashtag will put you on a billboard of social media in atotal low cost. You can do paid advertising which can target audience which may have interest in your product.
  • Contest: While creating a strategy for your brand awareness, we forget one eminent problem, what is in it for me? The user always asks that question. To solve that, create a contest. Let your user be your brand ambassador. By giving freebies and also prize which is relevant to your brand, so you can also promote. Content-driven contests help you create a brand presence at very low cost.
  • Blog: Effective marketing lies in storytelling and usefulness. A blog can be your medium for two way communication between your customer. Promoting and making a strong brand presence. Also with the help of SEO, with any relevant query, your “how to” or helpful blog post can put your brand on the front page of Google. SEO is short for search engine optimization and is typically a way to increase traffic to your website by optimizing your website for big search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Click here to learn more about SEO.
  • Video: A creative, thought-provoking or funny video reaches to a large audience. From simply creating how to use your brand video or add real customer experience will open doors to greater ROI. Rather than just selling, videos built trust among your costume. In today’s fast paced life even a 30-second video is easy to watch and spread your brand.
  • Team up: Collaborate with a brand which has the same audience like yours. Sometimes in a startup, it will help you grow and reach to a totally new customer of your partner

Brand presence is eminent and critical need for your brand reach and service. To reach to an extent where your logo or brand gets familiar with your customer is every companies dream. Numbers of companies getting shut down because of the absence of brand awareness.With help of this tips, you can promote your brand in low cost and reach to a large number of audience.


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