How to Set Your First Impression Right?

First Impression

Your First Impression is the Last One” – okay this term might sound overly used but this is the thing. Whether you are up for the presentation or preparing for an interview setting the impression right should be one of your agendas.

Your first impression can either make a positive perception about you or a negative one. However, a good impression often makes the task easier.

Here is how you can ensure that you set your first impression right.

  1. Dress as per the Occasion – Wearing a suit on a beach party won’t work and similarly wearing chappals in a formal dinner would not set the right impression either. Make sure that you are always presentable according to the occasion. Dressing appropriately plays a key role in setting the impression. This is because people would notice your attire even before they hear you talk.
  2. Watch the Body Language – Watch your body language and make it approachable. When you appear calm, composed and relaxed you are naturally presumed to be friendly. Smile more often. Your body language plays a key role in presenting who you are.
  3. Be Polite and Smile – Being polite or at least appearing polite can take a long way. Even if you are in an argument being polite is vital. We are not asking you to grin but keeping a happy face with an occasional smile would showcase you as an approachable person.
  4. Be Courteous and Mannered – Simple things like pulling the door for the people coming behind you or paying attention while someone speak is counted. Being courteous speaks in tons about you. These things might appear small and unnoticeable but trust us, they are too hard to ignore.
  5. Look Interested– Appearing that you are interested in listening to the person in front of you is significant. It sends the signal that you don’t just speak but listen to. It constructs a positive image when people see that you are taking interest in their interests. Hence, look interested always.
  6. Punctuality – Wherever are you heading be well in time. Appearing late on your very first impression doesn’t look good. In case you are likely to meet traffic kindly leave 15 minutes before. But, avoid reaching late anywhere.
  7. Confidence – Your confidence would talk a lot about you. We are not asking you to look over confident because that would be rude. Being confident means taking pride in what you are without a tinge of insecurity. Being confident brings out the best in you making you keep you’re the best feet ahead.
  8. Strike Conversation – Harnessing the conversational skills is of optimum use. Whenever you meet people and you have a few minutes to set the impression strike a point which can be a point of conversation to you.

You won’t get enough time to change your first impression on someone. Hence, it is worth every preparation. Do let us know what you feel about it.

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