Things to Remember Before a Job Interview

Job Interview

After numerous and tedious rounds when you finally make it to the final interview round, you really don’t want anything to go wrong as you are just a step away from your dream job.

So before you intentionally or unintentionally goof-up in your job interview round, here’s a checklist of things to remember before your job interview so that when the time comes you are well prepared to face your interviewer.

  • Carry Your Documents: In spite of the fact that all your certificates and resumes are already mailed to the HR department during the interview it is always advisable to carry a hard copy of all your essential documents. Perhaps you never know when interviewer might ask for a resume reference or any certificate. Also, ensure that your resume is updated and well-organized.
  • Formals are must: Being presentable is pivotal as your appearance speaks of your personality as well. In case of males, opt for plain white or any light coloured, neatly ironed formals. The colour of your belt and shoes needs to be same while in case of females they can wear in a light makeup and formal shirt and trousers.
  • Be Punctual: Running late and last minute entries often create a bad impression. Thus, it a point to reach your interview before time. If possible, try to set a goal of reaching at least 30 minutes prior to the given time so that you can settle down, freshen up and have a look around the office.
  • Do Your Homework: Being a personal interview around, make sure you do your homework well. Get a hold on the names of company’s founding members, read about recent acquisitions or tie-ups of that company, go through the newsletters and also if you want to stand out in the crowd try to find a loop hole of that company and come up with a solution which you can put forth during an interview. It’s risky but if the panel likes your solution, the job is yours.
  • Be Professional: Always maintain a professional demeanor in front of your interviewer. Be polite and answer your questions calmly. In case of any stressful situation, refrain from using any cuss words as you are sure to land yourself in trouble after any such behavior. Also, be polite to office boys or any lower level staff.
  • Keep your phone on silent profile: At present nothing is more important to you then successfully clearing this last job interview round. Hence, switch off your phone or keep it on silent mode. Your social media account updates, emails or text messages can certainly be done post your interview. Also, avoiding social media cuts down any kind of distraction.

If you are ticking off all these components, then you are all set for job interview except a small cheat tip. In spite of all this, if you find yourself nervous then taking a deep breath just enter the interview room with confidence. The job is definitely yours!

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