3 Shoe Brands for Male Professionals

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Out of all fashion items, it is the shoes that spark the greatest interest. Quite frankly, while the main purpose of shoes is to protect our feet from external damage, and allow us to comfortably walk and stay on the ground, nowadays, these are more of a fashion accessory than a necessity. It is true – if you want to dress well, and make a good impression wherever you are, you need to own a few pairs of elegant and formal shoes.

As you know, the fashion industry is one of the biggest out there, and thus, there are hundreds of different brands offering their various models. Bearing this in mind, finding the model that will suit your style and feet can be quite tricky. We think that when buying a new pair of shoes, it is a good idea to check out some of the online stores listed on www.popoptiq.com/online-shoe-stores/ than to go around the retail stores looking for the perfect pair that you may not find. Shopping online gives you access to more variety as well as discounts and coupon codes.

If you are a professional and you need to stay looking sharp all the time, there are certain brands that will offer you the best value for a reasonable price, allowing you to look great without breaking the bank. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and check out the 3 shoe brands for male professionals.

Allen Edmonds

If you are a shoe enthusiast and you know a good pair of elegant kicks when you see them, you have surely heard of the renowned Allen Edmonds brand. This US-based company has a long history of manufacturing high-quality men’s footwear since it was founded back in 1922. To this day, it remains one of the rare companies that sells most of its products overseas but keeps the manufacturing process inside the country.

It is no secret that Allen Edmonds shoes are on the pricier side, but you also need to think of the quality that you are getting. People that own a pair will tell you that these can be regularly worn for at least a few years, and even after that, you don’t need to buy new ones but simply send the existing pair in for refurbishing or replacement of soles and heels, returning them to new.

This company offers an array of different models, with the Oxford, Derby, and Brogues being the most popular options. Your best bet is to check out the online offers either on their official website or on an online selling service and thus get a pair at a discounted price.

Bruno Magli

As you know, Italy is a massive part of the fashion industry, and thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that one of the best shoe brands comes from Bologna. Founded by two brothers back in 1936, it has been a family business ever since, and today, the Bruno Magli brand has stores on four different continents including America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. While the headquarters is now in New York City, the whole manufacturing process still happens in Italy.

Looking at the diverse offers, Bruno Magli specializes in high-quality loafers and Oxfords. These are ideal for any formal event, yet comfortable enough if you were to wear them during the day. While the prices vary from shoe to shoe, you can find some phenomenal offers on the online stores (if a retail store is nowhere close to you).

Alden Shoes

Last but not least is a brand that has been around for almost 150 years, founded back in 1884 by Charles H. Alden. To this day, this shoe company remains unique as they offer handcrafted elegant men’s shoes that will last you a lifetime (if you follow all the maintenance instructions).

While somewhat pricier than the two aforementioned brands, Alden Shoes are known for their high-quality Oxfords, Derbys, and yes – Chukka boots. Whether you enjoy wearing a pair of Scotch grain or suede shoes, Alden Shoe Company has you covered with something you will love.


If you are a professional man, you know the importance of wearing high-quality shoes. Luckily, there are hundreds of different brands offering Oxfords, Derbys, and Brogues that will make you shine wherever you go. Out of all the options out there, we see Allen Edmonds, Alden Shoes, and Bruno Magli as three shoe companies that have revolutionized this market, and to this day remain among the best brands out there.


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