10 Places to go when you visit Dubai-UAE

Dubai Tourist PlacesDubai-UAE is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. It is ranked as the fourth most visited place in the world. This place is mainly known for its high-rising architecture and extraordinary collection of resorts and spas. Once, this place was popularly known for its ste4llar tower Burj Ala Arab and then came the Palm Jumeirah and now finally came the staggering, Burj Khalifa. This place has largest gardens and marketplaces, indoor aquatic world, and venues filled with cultural shows. Among all the places, the top 10 most visited places in Dubai are described below:

➢ Dubai Miracle Garden- It is the world’s largest flower garden. This garden is said to be decorated with 109 million flowers. It literally takes one entire day to admire and look at these all possible flowers.

➢ Bastakiya- This place is popularly known as Al Fahidi Historic District or Al Bastakia. It is the oldest and traditional town of Dubai. It is located along the Al Fahidi Fort and Dubai Creek.

All the architectural wonders can be explored at this place and also offers an interesting view of the Arabian sea.

➢ Deira Souk- Dubai has a wide range of markets but Deira is the ideal place for the tourist to visit. Apart from all the architectural wonders and wooden archways in the market, the variety of gold in this market is like a treat to watch for the tourists. Besides all these, tourist also comes and buy varieties related to home and spices like cumin, saffron, Frankincense and rose water.

➢ Dubai Aquarium- This underwater aquatic aquarium is located inside the Dubai Mall. This aquarium is known as the world’s largest aquarium which has approximately 140 variety of aquatic species. There is a toodle of the 48-metre long walk-through tunnel.

➢ Global Village- This village is a must watch for the tourists. This is an ideal place to visit with friends as well as family. As the sun falls down, the entire village gets enlightened with colorful and decorative bulbs creating an enjoyable atmosphere.

➢ Alserkal Art District- This is one of the best art corners in the world to visit. Mainly the art lovers would find this place fascinating due to the numerous artworks. Along with small art galleries, there are well-established art galleries also- the anyyn Gallery, Green Art Gallery.

➢ Dubai opera- This is one of the best places to visit for music entertainment. There is some amusement in this place. Several cultural shows like the opera shows, ballet, comedy nights and the classical instrument play take place. Due to its marvellous architectural beauty, it can accommodate up to 2000 cultural aficionados.

➢ Bur Dubai Grand Mosque- This is the eighth biggest mosque in the world and the biggest in UAE. The first ever function of Sheikh Zayed, the former president of UAE, was held in this grand mosque. This grand mosque is enlightened with bright royal blue light at night and the corridors are enchanted with the biggest lights in the world which are made up of 24-carat gold engraved on the pillars with leaf-like designs.

➢ Dubai Museum- This is located inside Al Fahidi Fort which is probably the oldest structure in Dubai city.

➢ Dubai Dessert- This is an extravagant popular wildlife destination, where indigenous species of animals are found in Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, It covers an area of about 225sqkm. Species like sand gazelles, mountain gazelles and Arabian oryx are found.


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