How Home Remedies Can Efficiently Relieve You from Cough and Cold?

Home Remedies for Cough and Cold

Getting rid of cold could be one elongated task. The running nose or frequent sneezing not only annoying you but also others around you. Relying on medication can certainly make you sleepy and drowsy. So, how can we still get rid of the cold? Well, these home remedies would help you to shield against the cold.

Symptoms of Cold

However, first of all, glance through the symptoms of cold. The symptoms of cold include headache, body ache, sneezing, running of nose, soar throat and so on. It is caused by a variety of virus owing to which the symptoms widely differ from one person to another.

Natural Remedies You Can Reach Out To

One can also inculcate the gargling therapy with these natural remedies. All one as to do is to take up warm water and add one or two teaspoon of salt. Use this water to gargle before going to sleep. This method performs exceptionally well for sour throat. Also in your daily consumption of water replace the normal water with lukewarm or warm water. Drinking more and more warm water dissolve the cough and reduces the inflammation of the throat as well.

Garlics – The Champion: Owing to the antibacterial property that garlic possesses it is one of the best cold treatment home remedies. Mixing up garlic with clove, honey, lemon juice and Chilli powder and consuming it till the symptoms exist is quite helpful. One can also boil the garlic in water and add honey to it. This mixture can be drunk twice or thrice a day to relieve ourselves from cold.

If garlic is not your pick then one can even opt for honey. Honey is also an effective cold treatment home remedies. One can take a tea spoon of honey with black salt every day two times. However, it can be mixed with lemon juice also for better results.

Spice Tea – The Rescuer: Spice tea is yet another cold treatment of home remedies. It is considered as Ayurveda remedy for cold. Dry, roast and grind coriander seeds, fennel seeds and Fenugreek seeds together. Boil a cup of water adds the Grinded items along with rock candy. After sometime one need to milk and let it heat. Drink this spice tea till the cold symptoms subside.

Turmeric – The Warrior: Yet another easy way out to cop up with cold is milk and turmeric. Milk and turmeric is one of the most effective combination that helps you to cope up with cold. Heat the milk and add two teaspoon of turmeric in it. One can also add sugar if one feels like and drink it before going to sleep. Turmeric and milk is incredibly effective.

Ginger – The Hero:  Ginger owns antiviral, expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it an ideal natural remedy for cold. One can either put ginger in tea or eat it raw twice or thrice a day. Otherwise preparing a paste of ginger by adding salt and cloves is also efficient in getting rid of the cold. In case one is facing runny nose then ginger along with clarified butter and jaggery should be taken daily in the morning on an empty stomach.

Natural remedies are always welcomed since they do not leave you alone with any side effects. They aid in controlling the mucus, boosting your immunity system and cleans it. Hope that these natural remedies would surely help you to combat with cold whenever you catch it next time.


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  • September 4, 2017 at 9:14 am

    Ginger and honey mixture is very good .It is effective on sore throat and early morning cough as well.


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