Things You Need to Visit in Abu Dhabi

Things You Need to Visit in Abu Dhabi

We know very well Abu Dhabi and the Emirates. We want to offer you the best of this exciting location where everything is fun from the sea or the desert. With some local experts and good friends travelling in the area we have selected the best excursions, the most beautiful golf courses and of course the best hotels in Abu Dhabi and in the area. Step through the website and crawl inside the good tips and ideas about Abu Dhabi nightlife, Abu Dhabi sports events and Abu Dhabi shopping information’s. And book your hotel, directly, at the best price.

Stroll the Prom

There are two things that catch the eye. Firstly, the emirate’s flag, at a top a 360ft pole, and the wonderful Capital Gate building. The Avenue at Etihad Towers is a new mall dedicated to meet the high-end fashion from Europe, to Iran.

Island of Adventure

Yas Island, is a fanatic, red-hot centre of adrenaline up-downs. Sit back and watch your fingers turn white. Water world, is the world’s biggest water park, with raft rides, slides, ravines and wave machines. Ferrari World is an outstanding ride with the world’s fastest rollercoaster, Formula Rossa, which touches 150mph.Abu Dhabi’s Formula 1 track is also here. And for the ladies, gear up for ladies night at CLYMB™, and conquer the tallest indoor climbing wall and the world’s biggest indoor skydiving flight chamber.

The Art of Surprise

Emirate’s latest plan is to bring some of the world’s greatest art to its new culture on Saadiyat Island.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, open for free visits. There is accommodation for 40,000 worshippers and the mosque boasts the world’s largest as well as chandelier. The columns are faced with marble panels laid with semi-precious stones.

Desert Blooms

We peered over the razor-sharp crest of a 100ft sand dune. There’s an apt choice of 4×4 tours into this golden world, empty from the odd oil well or power plants.

Stay on the Sands

On Saadiyat Island which opened in 2011 and is attractive for the winter market. Villas had a private pool, where you can enjoy the rarest of treats – a breakfast dive in mid of the year.

Cities of the Future

Abu Dhabi, one of the empires of the Emirates saves its most surprising attraction for the last.

Masdar City, is definitely worth a visit. vehicles are not allowed into this zero-carbon development (still only the size of a village but there’s much more to come) zone which is powered by the sun, and the winds that blow are hot and humid as well as strong off the desert loo.

Enter the area in a four-seater car, driver-less pod which runs on specific rails. Buildings together over narrow lanes, ancient Arabian streets, down which cool winds blow.

Technology is being developed by which they could see the towns and cities, which is not too far from the future.

We wish you happy journey!


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  • July 2, 2018 at 1:29 pm

    As all we know, Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and it is the largest Emirate of the UAE country. Traditionally it’s more cautious than Dubai, as it has a more strictly regulated legal system and it is completely rooted in traditions. And it’s the richest of all the Emirates, by all this features about Abu Dhabi, everyone should know that before planning a trip to Abu Dhabi, we should find out what events are happening around the time we plan on visiting. We never know, we might find something interesting that will be a great experience. There are many attractive places in Abu Dhabi that we should not miss to visit, from your article came to know that different places in detail to plan my trip. Thanks for your information…


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