The Five Benefits of Self-Study

Self-study allows the students to take control and learn by themselves. Self-study is one of the best ways of learning new things, and knowledge gained by this technique stays long with the student. However, it demands consistency and discipline because now the student is taking responsibility and cutting down the dependencies on teachers and classes. A few benefits of self-study include:

The Five Benefits of Self-Study

Effective learning

The students get the opportunity to explore the topic. This engages and activates their mind and opens them to receive information and knowledge. Through this method, she can retain the concepts and elaborate on them.

Keeps the curiosity alive

With self-study, students feel free to study, elaborate on any topic, and find answers to all their curiosity. In group studies and classes, all students must refer to only a pre-designed course. But different children have different abilities and interests. Unfortunately, individual students’ queries are difficult to entertain in Group studies; hence, self-study enables the child to keep the curiosity alive.

Builds self-esteem

Students who study on their own become confident and independent. They feel free to learn any new thing on their own, which helps them build their self-esteem.

Students can learn according to their preferences

Each student has their own learning speed, and during self-study, they get the time and independence to learn at their own preferred pace and style. Therefore, she can decide the timings and environment which are more conducive to their learning and hence become more productive and efficient.

Elaborate study

The self-study includes gathering information and knowledge on the subject from diverse sources and understanding them. This process involves a lot of exposure to various sources and allows the student to make elaborations.

Self-study is not an easy task, and it needs practice and determination. Nevertheless, it is an enriching experience. Parents are advised to motivate and help their children in the initial phases of self-study by finding resources on the topic and discussing the issues and learnings with the child. Guardians and teachers should encourage the students to become independent and learn on their own. During the self-study, a student should refer to diverse study materials and make notes for revision. Notes are an essential part. Otherwise, the learner may get confused and find it challenging to consolidate the knowledge. Self-study also demands adequate tools and separate and quiet study space. Schools and colleges should also support self-study and create such infrastructure for students where they can study alone.


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