A Change of Heart: Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Changing Careers

A Change of Heart: Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Changing Careers

Many people switch careers at some point in their lives. They may feel the need for a new challenge, want to turn their passion into a livelihood, or simply want to make more money. Whatever the reason, changing careers isn’t easy and many people make mistakes. Some of them relate to resumes. However, there are many resume templates available to guide you like those available at https://www.hloom.com/resumes/.

Changing careers requires planning. Here are five mistakes people tend to make.

Choosing a career based solely on money

Of course, you want to make enough to be financially comfortable. Maybe you even desire to get rich one day. There is nothing wrong with that, but you may be more satisfied with a career that is aligned with your interests and strengths. Do you really want to study for the required qualifications? Would you be happy with long hours? You may enjoy the bigger salary for a while but if your passion lies elsewhere, your mind will always be wandering.  Take money into consideration but consider work-life balance and other non-economic factors as well.

Not properly researching the new career

Some jobs look glamorous on TV or social media but behind the scenes may be different. You need to speak to people working at varying levels in the industry before you commit to a new career. Find out if it matches your skill set and if not, how much training you would have to do to enter the field. Find out how the industry is trending and whether the career you’re looking at will still be important in another five to ten years.

Quitting their current career in anger or frustration

Changing careers is a big step and sometimes it can be just what you need. Just don’t make a rash decision after a difficult week at work or a bad review from your boss. Maybe you just don’t like your boss or the culture in your workplace. Another company in the same field may be a better fit for you. Don’t write off an entire industry because of your experience in one environment.

Not updating their resume accordingly

When you’re switching careers, your resume will probably need to highlight some different strengths and accomplishments. You will need to identify which of your skills are transferable. Are there skills you haven’t drawn on in while that you need to draw attention to again? Read job ads related to your new career and see which credentials are most in demand. Let your job application include some of the lingo used in your prospective career.

Neglecting networking

No matter how great your resume is, sometimes who you know is more important. Network with people in the new field. Don’t ask them directly for a job but ask for pointers on breaking into the industry.  Ask about where the industry is heading and if major changes are taking place. This gives you an opportunity to find out if this career change is really what you want. In addition, the more connections you build, the more likely it is that you will meet the right person. Try to engage people who work at the companies you want to work for. They may let you know when positions open up.

Career changes can be successful even when they are drastic. It is important to do as much research and networking as possible before you decide to take the leap. Remember to tailor your resume accordingly to give yourself the best shot.


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