How to Ideally Prepare for a Competitive Exam?

How to Ideally Prepare for a Competitive Exam?

How to Ideally Prepare for a Competitive Exam?

Students should not get scared with the name of competitive exams. With millions of job aspirants, the competitive job examinations are becoming competitive day by day. Due to this, the students and the coaching institutions are trying hard to find out new and innovative methods of learning and helping the students. In addition, students are also helped by technology-based learning in which they can access the study material according to their choice. Moreover, they get to choose from a wide variety of materials. In addition, they also get the scope for self-evaluation and are able to analyze their strength and weakness and strategically plan their learning process. Whether the students appear after completing their graduation or after 10+2 level, they have to prepare hard for it due to the increasing level of competition. Here is a rundown of basic rules that should be followed when preparing for a competitive exam and planning to crack it in the first go.

  1. Try to find out your options
  • Fetch for a coaching class – Find out a good coaching center that is suitable to provide with the necessary assistance with the exam. With proper guidance, you will be able to prepare easily for the entrance. Whether it is an examination under UPSC, SBI or other sectors, you have to give your best shot in cracking the same. In addition, you can also enroll in the online classes and get benefitted from the regular videos that they upload. You can notify yourself in order to receive regular updates from the online channel to which you have enrolled. Without zero subscription fees, you can save the videos and watch them later on according to your convenience. They also provide additional doubt classes.
  • Enhance practice from online test series – With the availability of numerous websites that offers test series for the candidates in free and others charge a minimal cost for the same. Apart from attending the test series in your coaching class, if you wish to enhance your practice and hone your accuracy, then attempting the online test series would be beneficial for you. You can also save the test series and check for the explanation of the attempted questions to get your queries clarified.
  • Opt for the best study materials – Apart from the study material that is provided by the coating center, you can also opt for the ones available online. With an ample variety of options to choose from, get the ones through which you will be able to improve your skills and score more. For cracking the exam such as UPSC and others, the study material should be such that it helps to score more. The online courses, as well as the coaching classes, should provide you with necessary shortcuts of the methods required such that you are able to score more within short time make a secured position in the competitive exam.
  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Necessity of good rest – Make sure that you get 8 hours sleep on a daily basis. This would help to maintain your energy level throughout the day and prevent fatigue of the brain. Proper sleeping routine would also help to memorize things well and make you feel energized throughout the study sessions. Insufficient sleep can result in stress and can also cause sickness of the body. Make a routine starting from studying till going to bed.
  • Healthy food habits – Apart from maintaining your sleep on a routine basis, you should also try to adopt healthy food habits. Eating junk or unhealthy food before the examination can result in bad health hampering the study session. Try to incorporate carbohydrates intake such that it would be able to provide your more brain power. By eating the wrong food, you would not be able to focus on your studies. Make a routine and take food after every two hours such that you do not starve while studying. In addition, do not forget to drink ample water to keep the system clean. Add more fruits and vegetables for your diet that help to give antioxidants. If needed, you can also try to engage in exercise session if you feel the urge to do so. It would help you to stay both fit and healthy during the examination time. Also, it helps to curb your stress and anxiety which are common during the exam time.
  1. Make appropriate study plans
  • Make study routine – Plan your study routine in such a way that it covers up all the important topics. In addition, you also have to plan the time that you wish to invest for each topic. Your routine should be such that you are able to give proper attention to topics equally. For exams when you have to go through all topics including mathematics, English, and reasoning such as bank, Upsc and others, equal attention should be given since you have to score in each of the sections and qualify them separately.
  • Revising and testing your preparation– After completing one topic, make sure that you revise it. After completing the online test series, do not forget to evaluate the answers and know about both your weakness and strength and try to improve the weaknesses. The more you attempt the online tests, the more chance of improving your accuracy and score more within the given time.
  1. Improve your concentration
  • Try to remove your distractions – In due of practicing, try to keep away all distractions that can hamper your study. Some gadgets such as mobile phone and television might distract you.
  • Improve your concentration – Try to engage in activities that give you relief in between study sessions. Try to read a book or listen to music of your choice in between studying.

Wrapping it up

Whichever exam you are preparing for ranging from banking exams, UPSC and others, you have to set your goal and plan accordingly. Try to reframe your mindset when you feel distracted from achieving your goal.


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    Always start with your favourite subject and keep the weakest subject for the end.


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