Essay Writing Hacks To Become A Better Writer

Essay Writing : Not everyone has it easy when it comes to the use of words in writing. You maybe better at other subjects and struggle with essay writing. You may be outsourcing you essays to NinjaEssay writers but you can do it with these hacks.

Start with research. 

Before you start writing on any topic, make sure that you research it well enough. What you write depends on your information processing and analytical skills. So open yourself to new information and analyze them. This will give you ideas on how to write your essay. 

During your research, be sure to make references. Your essay must cite credible sources for your thoughts, views, and opinions. Essay writing is more straightforward with good preparation. 

Know your audience

The audience of an essay is vital in how you write it. You must write in a way that all readers that come across the essay understand. This is the golden rule of writing. You have a task to make your essay understandable. This doesn’t exclude the use of professional jargon and other terminologies. However, if you’re using uncommon ones, you should explain in the following sentence.

Don’t make it sound personal.

Avoid the use of first-person and second-person pronouns in your essay. Words like “I” or “We” sound good and easy to use. However, to be more academically correct, you must learn the use of third-person pronouns. It helps you to be more formal and proves the way your essay reads. Otherwise, your writing could sound like a letter to your friend. Leave out irrelevant info and make it less personal.

Write clearly and concisely.

When you’re writing a technical essay, it’s essential to make it logical. You must also be clear and concise in presenting your point. It wouldn’t sound good for you to open up a can of ideas juggled up together to your thoughts. This is why you should create an outline before you start to write. This will also help you stick to the topic. Using unnecessary words or too many descriptions could distract readers from your main point.

Read and write every day.

One of the best ways to become a good writer is to commit yourself to reading and writing habits. You don’t need to wait till you have an essay from school before you start struggling with how to write it. Instead, you can train yourself to be a better writer by creating time every day to write about something. You can take 15 minutes of the day to write about anything. The more you write, the better you become. 

Also, you can learn from other writers by committing yourself to read other people’s work. The more you read, the better you become at articulating yourself in writing.

Don’t edit while you’re writing

Every essay that you write needs to be edited before it is good enough to submit. However, you should create different times for writing and editing. You cannot and should not do both at the same time. One of them will turn out badly. In most cases, the editing is poor, making the writing poor to the reader. Ideally, you should edit your work 24 hours after you’re done writing. This helps you do it well. But if you don’t have that luxury of time, you should still take a few hours out before you start editing what you’ve written. 

Have a structure

There are different types of essay writing, and they all have their formats, style, and structure. However, the standard structure for all kinds of writing includes the article’s introduction, body, and conclusion. No matter the type of essay that you’re writing, make sure you follow the proper structure. In addition, pay more attention to the necessary style and formatting. Since it’s an academic essay, then you must make it sound scholarly. Your teacher is looking out for your ability to create neat essays that are well-structured.

Write and rewrite 

You are not likely to get it all right at the first time of writing, but you should not let that discourage you. You will have to write and rewrite some essays two or three times. Each time you do this, you’re better than the last time. What makes it more interesting is that you’re likely to make similar mistakes in subsequent essays with each essay that you write and rewrite. So this improves your essay writing skill. Embrace the mistakes and work on them. It will help if you read out as you write or while you’re editing. It makes it easier to spot the errors and make the correction stick.

Avoid plagiarism

It would be best if you refrained from plagiarizing your essays. It’s wrong in every sense of the word and wouldn’t help you get better as a writer. Although, technical essays may include verbs and terminologies that appear irreplaceable. However, it’s plagiarism if you copy their usage from a third-party source into your essay. Therefore, it’s a must you write plagiarism-free essays if you’re going to become a better writer.


One thing that you must note when writing an essay is that you’re the first audience of your writing. Whatever you write, you need to write for yourself first. If you think you did an excellent job on your essay after following all of the tricks in this article, then your audience is likely to love the essay too. 


Individual strengths and weaknesses are normal in academics. However, essay writing is easy if you have the right hacks. This article discusses nine essay writing hacks to help you become a better writer. 


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