It is natural to feel anxious during exams

Our stress level is too high and that does affect our preparation in some way or the other. Many students commit suicide due to this problem. But that is not a solution. And all the fears we have in life can be conquered in many ways.

exam anxiety

So, here we are going to explain you certain ways in which you can conquer your fear during exams.

1. Plan properly: It is always said that if you have a plan the chances of success are high. So just plan all the activities and put into action so that you are busy completing your tasks and you will have no time to think about the fear that is engulfed in you during exams. Make a revision timetable and keep revising as much as you can.

2. Do not compare your preparation: Comparison is where your anxiety level shoots up. Calling up or friends chit-chatting with them about studies simultaneously creates tension in your mind because you might not be on par with your friends in preparation. But it’s okay. You should be concerned about your preparation because you have to write your exam by yourself.

3. Eat well and take rest: The general tendency of students is due to anxiousness they don’t sleep properly as they plan night outs to study and complete the syllabus. Neither do they eat properly, nor do they bother about their health. This may lead to deterioration in your health. So, it is advisable to eat healthily and stay healthy. Sleep for a good amount of hours so that you don’t feel drowsy later on.

4. Think positive always: This is absolutely important to let go of your fear. A positive mind always brings positive energy. Always think that you will do good in the exam and will get the best. This will boost your confidence level and make you feel good about yourself. Whenever you prepare it is important to start with a positive mindset.

5. Take breaks in between: This is a must as if you study continuously your mind will get corrupted at a certain point. You will be too stressed and all the fearful thoughts from within will capture your mind. It is advisable to take breaks and also pursue a hobby if you have one. It will freshen up your mind and will bring calmness in your life. You can also go for meditation for a while because it brings peace, and you will be more active while studying.

Exam fear is temporary so just stay positive eat well, sleep on time. Practicing these all can just take your fears away.


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