Five Benefits of Reading

Reading: You must have come across book stalls on bus stations, railway stations, airports and other spots. But, have you ever wondered that even in the times of i-pads and earphones, why is this ‘reading business’ still running? It is so because reading has multiple benefits for both the brain and body. Apart from building knowledge, people also prefer reading for recreation.

Five Benefits of Reading

Different people prefer reading different types of books. Some people like reading stories and novels, whereas some prefer reading non-fictional texts. Reading any kind of text delivers benefits, whether you like reading scientific developments or sports magazines. Parents these days appreciate the transitioning trend and happily introduce mobile phones to their kids. However, it is advisable for parents and guardians that before introducing mobile phones, inculcate reading habits in the child so that the kid can appreciate the joy and merits of reading. A few benefits of reading includes:

Reading activates your brain

Reading engages your brain and brings positive changes to it. It strengthens the network and signals of the brain and makes it stronger. As a result, the brain becomes more responsive and efficient.

Reading strengthens your emotional intelligence

Reading fiction, stories and literature that contains the nuances of humans’ feelings and behaviours Builds the ability to identify our own and others’ emotions.

Reading delays age-related cognitive decline

Reading keeps the brain engaged as you grow older. It slows down the brain’s aging process, and those who keep reading in their old age have better memory, analytical and intellectual abilities.

Reading builds your vocabulary

If you start reading at an early age then you will develop a good vocabulary that can help you in diverse spheres of your life. You can communicate with new people, learn new things, express yourself more precisely, and appreciate the nuances of literature.

Reading induces calmness

Reading for even 30 minutes can lower your blood pressure, heart rate and feelings of psychological distress. This is because reading affects your brain just like yoga and humour do.

People these days are moving away from reading and switching to visual and audio modes of learning and recreation. But, reading has much more benefits than just gathering information as we read above. We should not stop reading at any age. Parents should read with their infants to develop reading habits in children. And once the child grows independent and starts reading independently, parents should discuss the lessons learned during the reading session with their child. 


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