3 Things to Know About the Area of Rectangle Formula

A child’s base towards a bright future begins with a good education. While the parents focus on their children’s mental and physical development, they also wish for nothing but the best education for their children. Education helps in holistic development. Mathematics is an integral part of a child’s education and, mensuration is another part of it. Finding the dimensions of the fence around a rectangular field can be fun using the area of the rectangle formula.

Learning with Fun

Learning can be easy when your child can extract out the fun and excitement hidden inside it. Cuemath does this thing for your child. It nurtures and nourishes the overall thought process in your child. Cuemath makes your child experience real-world mathematical concepts along with solving conventional sums.

Some Facts about a Special Shape

The rectangle is a two-dimensional shape with unique features. It also bears a close resemblance to the playground outside your house. You can also find a similarity of this shape to the shape of your water tank or the garden where you plant your favorite flowers. You might have heard your parents asking the workers to put a fence around your garden area. The workers ask about the area and other dimensions. We all know that the total area is within your garden. But what about the outside dimensions? It is where the concept of the area comes into play. Once you know the dimensions of the borders around your garden area, it will be easier to put the fence properly.

How to Find the Area of Rectangle?

Suppose your garden area is rectangular. A rectangle is a shape that has four sides with two sides of equal dimensions and another two sides having equal values. The total area within the boundary of the rectangular space gives the area of the rectangle. Suppose the garden outside your house has a rectangular shape and you want to put a fence around the field. It is essential to know the accurate area of the field. Suppose the length of the field is A meter and the width is B meters. By using the formula of A×B square meters, you can find the total area of the field.

Some Queries and Their Answers about the Area of Rectangle

Know the Real Concept- Cuemath relates the mathematical concepts with real-life examples very well. It helps the children to engage their brains in deep thoughts. When they can know the real-life applications, learning becomes interesting for them. Learning the formula and applying them in the real world makes mathematics amazing for children.

Do not Forget the Perimeter- Now when your child has grabbed the concept of the area of a rectangle, Cuemath will slowly engage your child into solving sums on the perimeter too. Keeping the conventional concept of perimeter alive, the perimeter of the rectangle is the sum of its sides. However, since the length and breadth of the rectangle have different dimensions, the formula of the perimeter comes to 2(L+B). L and B signify the length and breadth of the rectangle.

Include the Unit Area in Your List- After grabbing the concepts of area and perimeter, Cuemath will provide a clue towards the sums of unit area of the rectangle. Cuemath can give your child a real-time image of a rectangular field like the one outside your house. The length, breadth, and other necessary information would also be there. Your child needs to focus on finding the unit area of that rectangular field. The unit of the area depends on the dimensions of the field itself. There are several units of measurements. The ones are in meters and centimeters. Suppose if the length and breadth of the field are in meters, the unit of the rectangular field will be in meters. Suppose the length and breadth of a rectangle are 4 meters and 5 meters. The area will be 20 square meters.

Cuemath makes learning fun and innovative with its numerous sample problems. You need to rely on the best teacher for the best future for your child.


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