7 Ways To Fight Flight Anxiety For Real

Are you one of those people that get anxious every time they need to be anywhere near a plane or when you need to travel via a flight? Well, it’s safe to say that you are not the only one. Researches say that everyone among ten people faces flight anxiety every time they need to travel through a plane. With the recent plane accidents happening, you and everyone with flight anxiety are allowed to be a little paranoid. But every type of problem can be dealt with. Hence, you can deal with your flight anxiety, as well.

Here are seven ways to fight-flight anxiety for real:

  1. Trust the Company: Most of our concern arises due to the sudden changes and accidents in airplanes. But you should always remember that not every company is similar. Some companies do not take the risk that other companies have made. Some companies are much more careful than others. So, choose the company you will feel safe with. That will help you fight your flight anxiety.
  2. Drink Responsibly: Some people, when they feel anxious about flying to have a cocktail or two before the plane takes off. While that is not an entirely bad idea, it will not be responsible for you if you drink way too many cocktails and end up being drunk and out of control. A situation like that is a terrible way of making everyone on board uncomfortable. So, when you are going to drink, drink responsibly.
  3. Distract Yourself: When you know you are going to be anxious on the plane, bring along a few familiar things with you on-board such as your favorite book, your familiar music, some TV shows that you love, etc., to help you calm down during the flight. The more distracted you get, the more you will be able to fight your anxiety.
  4. Keep in Mind the Facts: Do not be paranoid while traveling on an airplane. Keep in mind the general facts, such as your chance of being in an airplane disaster is one in three million. Those are excellent odds, so you shouldn’t be worrying about air tragedies. Although you should also have specific information about what a reasonable and proper flight will feel and sound like so that you can be double sure on your part.
  5. Accept Your Feelings: When you realize you are starting to feel anxious, the best thing you can do is accept those feelings and then try to overcome those by comparing facts with it. There is no need to paranoid. Try to stay calm and process all the events that are in front of you like the flight crew are always looking after the plane’s safety first.
  6. Identify Your Anxiety Triggers: Every different person has different anxiety triggers that set them off. Identify those and then try to deal w it beforehand. Before letting someone else interfere, try to calm yourself down first. You can be your most significant help at the moment like this. Try to reason with these triggers with basic facts that you know, or you can even try to avoid these triggers if possible.
  7. Ask for Help: If you feel like you are not able to handle your flight anxiety on your own, do not be shy to ask for help. Ask for help or supervision from any flight attendant, your fellow passengers, or the people or family member you are traveling with. Others might be able to calm you down more and keep you distracted and less anxious for the rest of the duration of the flight.


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