8 Reasons Why You Need to Express Gratitude

8 Reasons Why You Need to Express Gratitude

Being thankful and expressing gratitude is not something new. It has been a part of our life since the time we became humans. Being Thankful is what makes us human. But now days we do see this very important trend disappearing at an alarming rate. Thus do not lose faith in yourself or other Homo sapiens around you be positive, be grateful and express that gratitude. No matter how angry we become or hoe frustrated we are we should not lose hope and be optimistic, grateful. Life is all about happiness and so being thankful for those little joined happy strings that make life what they are.

Here are 8 ways that gratitude helps people live an awesome life

1) Gratitude makes us happier: The fact that random acts of kindness bring about joy and make us feel good and doing the vice versa for people around us is something that we should never forget.

2) Gratitude makes people like us:  Frankly no one likes a bossy   person with an ungrateful attitude. Showing Gratitude makes us become nice, more trusting, more social, and more appreciative towards everyone. Thus enables us t0 make more friends and strengthen our existing relationships.

3) Gratitude Boosts our Career: Gratitude makes you become a better employee it helps you increase your network at workplace also people around you like you and hence help you with your decisions and increases your productivity.

4) Gratitude Strengthens our Emotions: Gratitude reduces feelings of jealousy, leaves us with happy memories, makes experience good feelings, and helps us kick out stress.

5) Gratitude makes us more Optimistic: Gratitude is totally related with optimism. Being Optimistic in turn makes us happier which improves our health.

6) Gratitude makes us less Self-centered:  Being self centered is to spend too much time thinking about one’s own self very little thinking about others. This changes when compassion and gratitude come forth. We start to have spontaneous desires to help others. This is because the very virtue of gratitude is to focus on others. So, gratitude practice can make you a better person.

7) Gratitude increases Self-esteem: The fact that you are thankful and express gratitude is what is the driving force for people to like you and care for you and because of this, you never have to bow your head to anyone. You have high self-esteem and people around you shall consider you their role model.

8) Gratitude makes you Spiritual: Caring for the smallest thing around us, being grateful for every little thing we get in life. We become spiritual ever thankful to the supreme power. We become less materialistic and in all we turn out to be Good People.

Remember one simple thing, gratitude never runs out of style it has and will remain no.1 on the trending list and random acts of kindness towards others and showing appreciation for all those deeds will not demine your stature but make you abetter individual.


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