7 Things to Take Care of When Leaving UAE

Prepared to say goodbye to the UAE with the help of movers and packers? Regardless of your purpose for leaving the country, you are expected to follow every exit formality that is required of you.

7 Things to Take Care of When Leaving UAE
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Is it possible for you to be blocked from leaving the country at the airport?

Yes, especially if you have not settled all your dues and outstanding bills, you could get detained at the airport. This could have you getting sued and affect your immigration status. However, if you have successfully managed to clear those responsibilities then, there would be no interruptions.

1) Loan settlement with your bank account

Settle any outstanding debt or reach a mutual agreement with the bank about your current loans. Your bank account could be blocked as soon as your final salary and End of Service Benefits reflect in your account.

In case you have other investments linked with your current bank account, you can change your bank details and link these back to another offshore bank account. Whether you still have other purposes for keeping your bank account such as payment for the mortgage through using the funds in your account, you can simply have it opened. But if you have no other purpose, withdraw all money from your account and close it to avoid paying non-maintenance charges monthly.

2) Monitor your credit card status and report

Have copies of your credit card report to check whether all transactions are reflected correctly. A small mistake by the bank administrator can have you being searched by the debt collectors so checking is necessary to avoid outstanding debts.

3) Pay any remaining fees from public utility services and have them terminated

Settle all your water and electricity bills and immediately terminate their services before leaving the country. Your outstanding bills should be cleared so that you can claim your initial deposit. The same goes for room cooling and gas services. As much as possible, manage these tasks immediately since these would take a bit of time depending on the service providers of each service you have availed. You have to request a letter of no objection from your tenant as soon as you have finished settling the services.

4) End your subscription to the telecommunication services

Remember to cut your sim card, Internet, or television subscription before exiting the country. This would mean you paying the one-month rental fee as a consequence. If you are given devices by these telecom companies, this would also mean returning those items to them. Your postpaid mobile services can be switched to prepaid so that you won’t have to pay continuously.

5) Repaying traffic fines and ending Salik

This task goes together with the selling of your car since you have to pay all road-related fines before having to sell your vehicle. Plus, before having your car shipped back to your country of origin, you should have settled all dues already. Monitor your Salik account for any remaining payments to be done and have it closed after settling those dues.

6) Have your visas canceled

All the residence and dependents’ visas will have to be canceled before you leave the country. Your employer will be handling the cancellation of your residence visa while you personally will have to manage the dependent’s visa cancellation of your family. Be aware of certain visa violations to avoid you being barred from the immigration system of the emirates.

7) Hire movers and packers

As soon as you are done with all your financial obligations and exit formalities, this is where you have to clear your residence of your items. Have them moved through the help of packers and movers in Abu Dhabi. These movers and packers would be a huge assistance at this very time needed for you to exit the country as soon as possible. You can look for cheap movers in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or online and book on your target date.

House movers can easily come to your residence as soon as both you and the company have agreed to do the moving on the date you have informed them. Packers and movers are guaranteed to be efficient and excellent in handling pieces of furniture so you don’t have to worry about anything. This goes to all your items as well.


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