5 Transferable skills that will help you to impress your Recruiter

“We will get back to you soon. Give us some time.” 

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At some point, we all have heard these statements from our recruiter. While some of us are fortunate enough to get a positive response, many of us face the bitter part of no answers or rejections.

But, what if, we told you that we have a secret resume formula to increase the probability of getting that dream job call? Transferable Skills. Yes! You read it right.

The secret formula to stand out among your competitors is the inclusion of these Transferable Skills in your resume. Projecting your strengths, these are those set of professional skills that can possibly help you to pass the initial resume screening. 

Be it the limited work experience or change of work area, with refined transferrable skills, you can ultimately increase your possibility of making it to your dream job. 

New to the concept of Transferable Skills? Well, let’s have a look at some transferable skills that you can include in your resume. Perhaps, that will help you to gain a clear picture of this concept.

Basic Research & Analytical Skills: Irrespective of your profession, basic research and planning will be required to devise strategies. Likewise, a knowledge of analytical aspects and its application will certainly make you a promising candidate for the organization.  

Oral & Verbal Communication Skills: Being the quintessential part of every work function, recruiters actively seek candidates with strong communication skills. Hence, make it a point to include these skills in your resume.

Leadership Skills: Companies need individuals who demonstrate leadership and know-how to get a particular task done from their subordinates. Thus, if you are good at leadership then ensure that you mention it in your resume.

Management Skills: With respect to your job position, you can leverage this skill to showcase your capability. For example, for a Project Manager’s position, include project management or time management in your skill set. However, be specific with the type of management skill.

Technical Skills: Along with soft skills, technical skills matter as well. So, if you have a mastery over a specific software concerning the job position then go ahead and include it under your technical skills.

Thus, by now, we hope you are well acquainted with these basic transferrable skills. However, be specific when you mention these skills as that vague responses are sure to kill your chances.

Also, do not try to bluff around as even if you make it past the resume screening round, the chances of getting caught in the interview round are quite high. Therefore, be honest when you shortlist your transferrable skills.

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