Parenting Tips: Things you should not tell your child

Parenting Tips: How we speak with children make them learn that and makes them understand about the world and themselves. As children grow up, they carry themselves with what we expose to them more.

parenting tips for toddlers

Here are certain things you should never tell your child.

1. “I do everything for you”

As parents do a lot for their children always it is wrong on their part to tell it again and again because the child can take it in a negative way and feel that they are a burden. They will fail to realise that it’s your love. Rather it would be good if you tell that as parents, we do so much for you because we love you.

2. “You did well but you could do better”

Try to avoid the usage of but in your sentence because it creates a kind of negative feeling that you are taunting rather than complimenting.

No matter what the score is try to celebrate the happiness because your child will be happy then. You can instead tell them that I am proud of you and I a sure you will get better and better with each day.

3. “Don’t eat that or else you’re going to get fat”

Never tell this sentence to them because they create an impression about themselves as to is their body getting damaged with age. It makes children conscious about their diet and food habits. It makes them question themselves hundred times before eating any food. Rather you can tell that it might not be good for your health, why don’t you try something else.

4. “Do I have to tell you this 100 times?”

This makes your children think that you are constantly being behind them for everything at every moment. It makes them feel that you are nagging them unnecessarily. I’ve told you this already so please follow it; this would be a better way of telling them.  The children also feel that yes, I can remember, and I will not forget it again.

5. “I wish you were more like []”

Comparison is something that gets any child down and makes them feel that they are not worth anything. It really questions their self-worth, and they feel worthless. It hurts them and makes them feel that they are not fit for anything. It lowers their confidence to do anything to a greater extent. Push your child to do something good and unique instead of these comparisons.

6. “We can’t afford that”

It’s not good or advisable to let your child know about your financial difficulties, if any. Because they will not approach you for anything because they would be assured that they wouldn’t get it any way. They will stop having dreams because a sense of lack in fulfilling it might come in front of them. Instead of telling this, you can handle the situation by simply telling them that you cannot buy it because you are saving for the future of your child or anything which is good for the child.

Yes, these are few things that might affect your child to a greater extent. It might even make your child silent and a bit away from you. Because they would feel unloved and sad.


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