5 Ways To Encourage The Growth Of A Kid’s Emotional IQ

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Whether you are a new parent or have been once, raising a child always feels like a responsibility and it is! After all, the early parenting years don’t just shape the mind and thought the process of a child but also contribute in developing the soft skills. The tender age of your child is also one of the crucial ones and hence it is the right time to help your child develop emotional intelligence.

Here are some key pointers that one must consider in order to encourage the growth of your Kid’s emotional IQ.

  1. Teach them to label emotions
    It is important that you teach your children to label emotions instead of suppressing. Make them sit and recognise each comfortable and uncomfortable experience that they go through. It is important that your child learns to embrace emotions instead of being embarrassed about it.
  2. Communicate more often
    Sharing your experiences as an adult and as a child would help your kid develop empathy towards others. Emotional IQ also consists of being able to set feet in someone’s shoe. The more you communicate about your thoughts and feelings the easier it will get for your child to recognize and develop emotional intelligence.
  3. Appropriate expressions
    Now that your child understands emotions it is important that teach him/her the correct way to express it. Spell it out as many times as you can but make sure that your child expresses it in the right way. Teach your child that clear communication is always good and has an upper hand over everything else.
  4. Teach a healthy coping mechanism
    Once kids understand their emotions it is important that they should learn how to cope well with it. Teach them healthy ways to deal with their emotions alongside not being embarrassed by any emotion they feel. Introducing them to an art at this point of time could be a crucial move as they will learn to attach their emotions with art.
  5. Develop problem-solving skills
    In order to have a good emotional IQ your child should learn to focus on solutions instead of problems. As a parent, it is your job to make sure that your child learns problem-solving skills at an early age and put that to use in real life.

Ultimately as a parent taking conscious steps towards developing your child’s emotional involvement and understanding is going to help. Remember, teaching little every day can bear better fruits.


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