Home Schooling: Redefining The Art Of Learning

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With the whole COVID-19 situation going on we are sure that there are a lot of changes that our “old normal” will undergo in order to become the New Normal. Right from the travelling sector to education, the way we perceived things to be would certainly not be there anymore. It is said that travelling for leisure would have an enormous amount of attention on health similarly education may take a leap into the digital world.

In this article, we are going to focus on the new normal of learning and that is home-schooling. Since students has end up spending a considerable amount of time at home, it would be easier for them now than ever to adapt to home-schooling method of learning.

Here are some of the benefits attached to home-schooling

Social Distance did right
We are not sure when and how everything is going to get normal. In such cases maintaining social distance turns out to be of utmost importance. In such scenario trusting students that they would make sure that social distance is maintained is a tough pill to swallow. Thus, home-schooling seems a better option here more than ever.

Personal Attention
When it comes to home-schooling attention is something that the student doesn’t have to fight for. It doesn’t matter if the student is a slow learner or a fast learner, he or she gets the complete attention of the student. In schools and classrooms, a lot of students hesitate to ask doubts however that won’t be the case with home-schooling.

Learning at own pace
Learning at your own pace is important for any student and this is something that home-schooling offers. In the classroom set up, generally, one pace is followed but with home-schooling session, this doesn’t case. With the home-schooling, a student can choose to learn at his or her own pace and ask as many doubt as he or she can.

For any parent, the safety of a child is important and home-schooling ticks that box too. Seeing your child learn right in front of you is a major safety measure that one can take in the world that is full of crime and disharmony.

No homework
Because the children are more directly involved in the learning process, there is little or no homework to be done. Parents never have to struggle to help with impossible and lengthy homework.

Home-schooling is definitely going to be here post-COVID as a lot of parents concerned with the safety would want to opt for safe learning method. In any case, it is best to first ask the child if he or she is comfortable with that type of learning before proceeding ahead.


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