5 smart ways to get your toddlers eat green veggies

Parenting is not an easy and that is especially true when you got toddlers that are fussy eaters. But we cannot blame them completely – there are so many adults out there who do not prefer eating green veggies too. However, green veggies are packed with nutrients that are essential to the body, and thus skipping them altogether is not a wise choice.

So, here is the thing while you can forcefully make them eat these veggies, it is not exactly a viable option. Tricking them smartly to eat the green club is the only way out. Here we have listed 5 smart ways that help you feed your toddlers green veggies!

  1. Grow a garden:
    It is found that toddlers tend to expand their pallets when they know where the food comes from. Help them understand gardening bit by bit. Grow leafy veggies such as spinach or beans. You can also experiment with a couple of roots like carrots! Making them invest their young minds in gardening can certainly add their interest in food making them prefer healthy green veggies over anything else.
  2. Play with food:
    Kids prefer everything that is fun and that is exactly what is to be done with food. Play games around food such as asking them to close their eyes and describe the taste of the vegetable. Experiment a little with their taste buds too as some kids prefer eating raw veggies with salt while some like them boiled and cooked. The idea here is to make them enjoy what they eat.
  3. Hide them:
    Hide them in a puree, parathas, pies or even dips! Sometimes toddlers tend to be repulsive about veggies simply because they don’t look as attractive as fruits. Thus, it is best to mash them up and serve them with something tasty like fitters or a chutney. Trust us, this works like magic because they don’t get the difference.
  4. Keep trying:
    The trick is not to give up. No matter how many times they deny you should keep on insisting. Tell them the benefits and importance of building a strong immune system. Someday they are going to give in and decide to give it a shot. Hang on, dear parents. You got this.
  5. Incentives:
    Offer them something really tasty to eat only if they finish whatever is there on the plate. Toddlers love desserts, so keep it handy and make it a reward system. Stating something like, you can get to the dessert only and only if you finish off the main course. This way they will end up eating whatever you serve them in order to win that reward.

These were a few tricks that can help you get that dosage of nutrition for your kids! Remember, the key is to keep going and make them understand the importance of healthy eating. Eventually


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