How to ensure your child doesn’t spend a lot of time on electronic gadgets

Today’s generation is keen on using electronic gadgets to a greater extent. There is the absence of physical activities and real-time conversations. As a parent, it is important to keep a check on your child’s activities and to make sure that the usage of gadgets is just limited.

How to ensure your child doesn't spend a lot of time on electronic gadgets

Here are few things that a parent can do to keep his child away from using more gadgets.

1. Discourage Multitasking

Most teens think that they are pretty good at multitasking. They try to text message while doing their homework, use social media while talking on the phone, etc. If your child has a phone, you’re most familiar with their justifications for doing so. Do not encourage your child from doing two things at once and discuss how multitasking interferes with productivity.

2. Establish Clear Rules

Many teens including younger ones are not mature enough to handle electronics wisely. Make sure you make rules that are helpful to keep your child safe and sound. Have a check on the choice of video games and other cell phone games your child operates. Set a time limit for the child to use the phone.

3. Encourage Physical Activity

Encourage your child to engage in physical activities rather than just sticking to the phone. He or she can go for a walk, play cricket, football or go for a dance class or a yoga class anything in which he is interested. You can also organize games in a family that will keep him physically active.

4. Educate Your Teen

Talk to your child about the dos and don’ts of social media. Discuss any good advertisements with him about good products that would give him knowledge about how these advertisements tey to convince the people at large to buy their products. Also, keep them updated about the danger of violence exposure so that they are alert.

5. Schedule Family Activities

Involve everyone in your house in activities that don’t involve electronics. Play board games or plan an outing with your family to any place so that the child is away from the phone.

6. Hold Family Meetings

Schedule a family meeting to discuss screen time use at regular intervals. Don’t just keep talking as a parent but allow your child as well to talk and give his inputs. This would help you build a healthy family relationship. It would also keep everyone updated about the events that happen in and around the house.

So you as a parent can give a try to the above tips that would keep your child away from phones for a little while.


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