7 Ways In Which Parents Can Instill Reading Skills In Their Kids

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While schools and teachers teach the kids to learn, read and write, the skill of reading with an interest and continue to do so comes from parents. From a very early age, asking your kids to read, making him or she understand the value of reading is something that comes from the parents.

Reading is not only essential for education but also for communication. Because of this, the ability to read for comprehension and to communicate effectively is vital and needs to be taught at a young age. Beyond that, reading for pleasure provides a wealth of benefits for kids as they go through school and into adulthood.

So, what are the ways in which parents can instil reading skills in their kids?

  1. Show them: The first and foremost way to do is by showing them. If your child doesn’t see you reading, he or she won’t value reading no matter how much you preach. Take time off every day and read a little of anything.
  2. Make reading material available: Give your child options to read. Instead of handing him/her one book, give options that vary in genre and type. Let them choose it on their own. Giving them an option makes them feel good.
  3. Discuss post reading: Whether your child fishes a story or a poem – ask them about it. Have a healthy quick discussion on whatever is being read frequently. This won’t just enhance the communication skills of your child but it would also help them comprehend what they read and learn.
  4. Introduce technology: It will only help them increase their confidence and self-esteem. Don’t be afraid to replace books with kindle at all. Sign them up into book clubs and encourage them to participate in the discussions.
  5. Promote writing: Alongside reading encourage them to write! Help them craft short stories or poems as they please and read it aloud with them. This will take them more towards reading and writing both, as they both go hand in hand.
  6. Ask questions: Ask questions on opinions, characters and story as a whole. Reading should always be active instead of passive, thus make them question what they read & teach them to be curious about it all the time. Sometimes, even including their friends in the discussion can help in a lot many ways.
  7. Regular activity: Make teaching a regular habit at your home. Set a time table if you want in order to make the activity regular and consistent. While this activity is done, keep the distractions as much as away.

These are some of the pointers one needs to remember in order to make the child like reading consistently. Hope these points shall help! Comment below, in case we have missed on anything.


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