Top 10 SEO Extensions for Chrome

SEO is the lifeblood of the digital business. Positioning the website and being found in the SERPs of search engines in times of need is impossible without SEO optimization of the site itself (and/or blog) and its individual pages.

All this starts with a correct SEO analysis and continuous monitoring of the factors that influence positioning.

Here, now, let’s take a step forward because what I’m about to do is suggest some tools that can facilitate and support your activities especially if you provide Video Production Services in Dubai. Do you want to exploit the potential of your Google Chrome browser to conduct SEO analyzes of websites and their positioning in search engines?

Trust its extensions: just download the free plugins from the Chrome Web Store and start using them.

What are the SEO extensions that can help you save precious time and get important utilities? Below is a list.

The best SEO extensions for Chrome

The Google Chrome SEO Extensions are useful to evaluate many important SEO parameters in the analysis and in the state of a website and to understand how and where to intervene to improve their health.

Here are those SEO extensions for Chrome that, in my opinion, can be a valid support tool for you.

1. Mozbar

One of the most complete and useful SEO extensions for Google Chrome is Mozbar, a must for many professionals. What does Mozbar do? Analyze Google SERPs and inbound parameters, return information about the authority possessed by the website in question, support you in on-page SEO analysis and off-page SEO analysis, analyze all the various elements of the web page, backlinks, and attributes.

2. Web Developer

Among the most effective and practical SEO extensions of Google Chrome, there is a Web Developer. A complete drop-down menu makes it easy to analyze a large number of variables, such as broken or invisible images, image information, CSS, so as to study how these elements affect the positioning of the website in question on the engines of research and browsing experience lived by the user.

3. SEO Site Tools

Do you want to have a detailed popup on the status of the website you are visiting? SEO Site Tool is an extension for Google Chrome that offers you a lot of information about the status of on-site SEO and off-site SEO of the website and individual pages, such as Meta tags, shares on social networks, the date of the Google cache, the status of HTML and CSS codes and much other news.

The extension also offers you many interesting tips to improve the SEO status of your website. 

4. Firebug Lite for Google Chrome

Born as an extension for Firefox, Firebug has also been developed as an extension for Chrome and has many useful features: it allows the monitoring, modification, and debugging of a web page, it allows us to act on HTML code and on JavaScript, on CSS and on DOM structure. 

5. WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector

WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector is an extension for Chrome that allows you to detect which WordPress themes and plugins a website is using and to get information about it.

6. Majestic Backlink Analyzer

The Majestic Backlink Analyzer extension for Chrome is an excellent and practical tool to analyze the backlinks of a website directly from the browser and to assess its relevance linked to the external linking system.

Among other information that you can access, the Majestic Backlink Analyzer allows you to have access to a list containing the ten most relevant backlinks for that website and the relative URLs, anchor text, Citation Flow, Trust Flow, date first detection and any cancellation date.

7. Nofollow

Do you want to know quickly and easily if that link is nofollow? You can simply install on your Chrome browser NoFollow, an extension that highlights in a red box nofollow link that meets in web pages where you surf.


SEO SERP is an extension for Google Chrome, easy to use, which allows you to check which position that website occupies for that specific keyword. The search can be extended to different search engines and it is possible to compare the position of your website with respect to that of your competitors. 

9. PageSpeed ​​Insights

One of the SEO extensions that cannot be missing on your Google Chrome is PageSpeed ​​Insights, which allows you to evaluate the loading speed of your website, allows you to analyze many other indispensable on-page SEO factors, and provides you with many useful ideas for optimizing them.

10. Wappalyzer

Another extension for Google Chrome very useful for your SEO analysis is Wappalyzer, a tool that allows you to find out which technologies are used on websites. In particular, Wappalyzer detects the content management systems, the eCommerce platforms used, the Web servers on which the site relies, JavaScript frameworks, analysis tools, and many others.


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