How to Balance Freelancing and Job

Freelancing is an art that not everyone possess. But people who are way too talented to write blogs or articles or coding or anything for that matter would love to do it for various reasons like getting extra money or to grow your hobby to another extent.

How to Balance Freelancing and Job

But it is difficult for you to concentrate when you have a full-time job in hand. Here are a few tips on how you can balance your freelancing with your full-time job.

1. Be disciplined: Practicing freelancing isn’t tough but to keep track of it while on the job isn’t that easy and at the same time it can be tiring too.

So, it’s better you commit certain hours for it provided you are sure that you will be able to find time to it. On days when you are not working on any project, you can look for your freelancing requirements by networking instead of wasting time.

2. Be upfront: It is always good to be straight forward. Working secretly is not really feasible always because it’s a normal tendency that your work may be known to others. So, it is better to approach your boss and discuss it so that there is no conflict of interests and no prohibitions. Make sure that through your stress, you don’t do anything they will affect the company.

3. Be efficient: Freelancing ain’t an easy job, it can be challenging at times. So, it’s better to plan all your things in a timely and efficient manner. Always make a note of anything you do, so that you have track of your work. Keep track of payment, deadlines, etc. so that you don’t miss out on anything. Using notepads, spreadsheets are an excellent way to keep a record of all your doings.

4. Don’t forget the Day job: Often when we are excited, we forget things that are important in our life. You should make sure that you don’t miss your work at a job in your excitement of freelancing. Give your 100% at your job so that your boss is happy, and he does not feel neglected. Because from here your dreams tend to come true.

5. Know Your Limits: Make sure you are able to balance all that life throws at you. Don’t try to include something in your schedule with force if it doesn’t suit you. The people who are full-time freelancers are habituated and can do any project. But you should not forget that you also have a job to do. Hence, do only that much as is suitable for you.

Thus, by using these ways you can not only be in the good books of your boss but also can practice freelancing efficiently and with ease.


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