Why reading a book is always better than a Kindle


In the last few weeks, the book industry has released some extraordinary figures showing that this sale of eBooks online were quite down this year as compared to the sale of printed books. This has happened for the very first time in about two years. So in this article, we have published some of the reasons why printed books are much preferred than regular eBooks.

  1. All the printed books have pages that are quite nice and are tender to the touch. The papers on which the books are printed makes reading physically pleasurable. However, reading an eBook on the other hand usually feels like using an ATM. So after staring at the computer screen for more than 9 to 10 hours at work every day, how relaxing is it to curl up in your bed and stare at another screen?
  2. The printed books are way better at conveying different types of information. A study in a recent journal reported that the readers who read stories or other blogs using a kindle were less likely to remember and recall all the events in a mystery novel or a blog than the people who were reading it from the same novel in print. So if you want to follow up or remember the things and acquire other information, print is the best way to do it.
  3. The printed books are yours for your entire life. The books which you bought while you were in college or you were in school will still be readable even after 50 years. However on the other hand after 10 years do you really think your eBook reader or your kindle might work well with the modern eBooks of the time?
  4. The printed books carry and keep a lot of physical reminders and memories of your intellectual journeys. The Enid Blyton storybooks or our Chacha Chaudhary storybooks take you back to the early years of your childhood. However, a Kindle is incapable of sharing such emotions and other memories.
  5. The printed books are great to share. You would love to hand over a book to a close friend and say you that ‘You’ve got to read this’.  Definitely, there are ways of sharing an eBook if both your friend and you can navigate through the digital rights management system efficiently. But sharing an ebook is just similar to sharing an email or paying someone through PayPal or something else.
  6. One can write different things in the margins of a printed book, dog-ear or bookmark all the important pages and also underline the important sentences with the pencil. The eBooks often allow the user to do the same in the form of digital acts, but there is a huge difference between physical gestures and digital release.
  7. The printed books have jackets so that the people nearby know what exactly you are reading thus making reading a community-building activity.
  8. The printed books are much fairer to the writers and are also better for your health. These books are also theft-resistant as if you leave the book in the car or on the library table, you can be sure to find it there when you return back.

Source: http://innovationchasers.com/blog/


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