How Can Leaders Bring in Innovation through Fierce Brainstorming


Businesses run on innovations. The advances are possible only when there are ideas and that too result driven. Organizations achieve the task by incorporating one of the most overrated yet useful innovation tool, Brainstorming. The tool helps a business in solving perplexing issues with the aid of lateral thinking pattern adopted by the decision makers and higher management.

Need For Creativity & Innovation in Businesses

Creativity and innovation are the cornerstones of an entrepreneurial success. The world is now moving at a very fast pace and it is therefore important for businesses to keep on adopting newer techniques so that demands of the dynamic environment can be met.  Moreover, the advent of globalization is keeping the companies and the management on toes and coaxing them to search for ways to improve their product lines and brand value as a whole.

Apple Inc, Microsoft and similar companies that have attained an enviable stature, exemplify that innovation and a little element of creativity can take an organization to new heights. It is important for businesses to swap their working protocol from being FDH (fat, dumb, and happy) from the ultimate weapon of being innovative.

Who Brings in the Change?

Creativity needs a way to enter the monotone of an organization. Apart from a will to accept the ‘change’, innovation needs a certain type of person who possesses the endless desire to pursue possibilities and better solutions for every single business-related problem, easy or perplexing. These fearless people are ‘Leaders’ who guide the workforce to work and bring about change.

Innovation sees no authority or designation of a person; it just craves for Ideas

Innovation is not a slave of authority and position. A change can be brought in by employees at any level and a good leader clearly understands that novelty can come from anywhere, internal as well as external source. He is a torch bearer, a guide or simply a boss with values who can make his team feel revitalized and ready to invest in ideas.

Management leaders and bosses make use of several tools to maintain that very required degree of innovation. One such tool is Brainstorming that make use of collective ideas to dig out a solution for a business problem.

Brainstorming: Is it Actually Worthy?

There is no doubt about the fact that ideas can definitely change lives and fate of a business. Fierce brainstorming is the need of the hour to ensure that businesses have enough ideas to make out a range of innovative and elaborative products.

Here are some of the ways, a leader can bring in innovation into the organizational structure:

Incorporating the Innovation Tool

A leader can bring in innovation through several different ways; but there are certain procedures that can fit the idea right into the organizational working styles and protocols:

  1. Bringing Together the Right People

Brainstorming is the process of assembling wonderful minds together so that something new can be strategized or a solution can be devised for a problem. The process of bringing together working minds can be a long tedious task; however, the process can be shortened by asking the managers or bosses of the effective working teams to select one or two think tanks. Good employees are many but creative minds are few and the leaders have the sharp vision to pick those individuals.

  1. Problem Presentation

“A Leader Can Catalyze the Problem Solving Task by Division Method”

Solutions can be found out for any problem but the path to finding that can be arduous if the planning is bad. There is a problem with the legacy system or there is a serious issue with some business project and the need of the hour is to solve it; what should be done now?

The simple answer lies in throwing the matter right in front of the panel of problem solvers. However, the approach is poor and somewhat outdated as well. The best possible way a leader can choose is to allocate the problem in parts. An issue with a business project can have technical, organizational or sometimes emotional aspects as well.

The problem can be divided into parts and can be assigned to the respective teams to devise a solution. The selected people can brainstorm and collaborate together and make out the best possible way.

  1. Involvement of Fresh Minds

Gone are the days when only higher management was considered apt for meetings and problem solving sessions. The new era calls for young minds that are brimming with ideas and enthusiasm to dish out something new. The best way a leader can accomplish the task is by including the fresh individuals or the new graduates into the brainstorming session. There are possibilities that the ideas may lack expertise owing to no experience but the freshness is something that can definitely drive innovation.

Involving the fresh people will not only help generate better ideas but will also help the these new team members to gain confidence and required professional grooming.

  1. Including the Clients in Real Time

“Brainstorming with clients can yield desired results”

Regular official meetings include client requirement or the specimen of their demands. But imagine if the clients can be included in real time. A business problem may require many sessions before a solution can be devised and involving clients into the process can be helping.

Video conferencing and webinars are some of the by-products of technological breakthroughs. Through these options, clients can also be included in the brainstorming sessions and some of the best ideas can be jotted down.

  1. Making Use of Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is the buzzword. Businesses are nowadays making use of this concept to get their tasks done. A good leader will never leave this option and will utilize it to its fullest. The crowd will have some of the best hired freelancers working for different projects. The business problems that have been put on the table can be solved by making use of these resources and allocating them their parts of the issue.

A leader is a guide and an innovator if he makes use of best possible tool. Brainstorming is an excellent tool that utilizes minds and ideas that crop up. Crowd sourced ideas can be a good experience for solving some of the perplexing issues.

The Verdict

Every task take time and the results can be seen after some time only. Nothing comes in a flash of seconds and so is innovation. Creativity is necessary and this can only be incorporated if the leader is ready for the change and is mentally adept to incorporate the tool well.

Ideas need to be generated and brainstorming can be the best way to yield the results.

You can be a leader who is ready to take on challenging tasks in your organization. If you have leadership skills in you then you can surely be the one in some of the best countries in the world. To know more about such roles in emerging and flourishing economies, visit and secure the dream job.



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