Essential SEO tips for an eCommerce website

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There are very few businesses which operate online that don’t recognise the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) when it comes to attracting visitors and potential customers, but right at the top of the list are online retailers. In the world of eCommerce, websites can live and die by the number of visitors which they welcome directly from search engines such as Google. While paid search is always an option, there are a multitude of advantages to winning organic placements in the Google rankings. In this blog, we take you through some tips when it comes to an SEO strategy specifically for eCommerce:

A sound structure

As with many types of SEO, it can pay dividends to start with the basics. Where eCommerce is concerned, website developers need to consider the way in which their products and site pages are categorised. You also need to think about the way in which you include internal links to construct your site mapping, as this has the ability to boost your indexation in the eyes of Google.

Keep it unique

Engaging and unique copy can provide an important part of your SEO foundation. That means treating product descriptions with care; not stuffing keywords into them or copying from other locations. Try to engage your visitors with interesting information about your products, and recognise the value of using reviews and videos in order to supplement the text you use.

Use the right keywords

While keyword overload in your product descriptions is a bad idea, you need to understand the importance of using the right keywords throughout your site – from meta descriptions to headings and copy. That means doing the correct research to identify the keywords which can contribute to a rankings boost for a particular search term. Work with an SEO specialist to determine your keywords and differentiate yourself from the competition. Give yourself a rankings boost by concentrating on specific search terms which can drive your business.

A link building strategy

One proven method of flying up the rankings is through a link building strategy, sometimes known as backlinking. This can involve you securing links to your eCommerce site from respected, trusted platforms such as social media networks and media sites. You can set about doing this by providing great content which is related to the products which you sell and offering it to various platforms, asking for a link to be included in exchange. You might also want to reciprocate such arrangements and offer these platforms a link on your own blog or social media channels in return. Google recognises the value of a link to your eCommerce site from a platform which is already performing well, so make sure that link building is an SEO element which you don’t ignore. These are just a few tips on SEO for an eCommerce site. Remember, it is all about identifying the right balance between informative content and ticking off all your SEO boxes. Once you find it, you need to ensure you keep it!


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