What to do with your kids in isolation?

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Parenting at the times of rising Covid-19 cases can be pretty tough. To top it off, the prolong isolation period can take a toll on your free-spirited kids.  Perhaps, the constant feeling of being trapped or stuck at home certainly culminates into a boredom for kids.

At such times, a majority of parents find it challenging to come up with creative ideas to keep their kids engaged in isolation. Don’t worry! We understand how difficult it is for you to handle the on-going situation.

As a result, to help you out, we have compiled a list of fun activities that are sure to keep your kids productively engaged in this difficult isolation period. Let’s have a look at these activities!

Fun Games: If nothing works, then fun games are here at your service! Be it indoor camping, the building of blanket forts or pretending to have tea parties. You can always channelize your creativity to create fun games for your children. Likewise, if you run out of the ideas, then you can always run to the internet for some help. Also, I would let my kids play online games. But It is important to control what exactly they watch on the internet, that`s why I recommend mSpy

Colour Therapy: Kids love to play with colours. Painting with vibrant colours can prove to be a great relaxing therapy for your kids. Besides, all that you need for this therapy is a bunch of blank papers and some colours. Additionally, an extra advantage of this activity is that colouring therapy stimulates imagination which in turn enhances your child’s visualization power.

Non-fire cooking: This is an excellent period to introduce your kids to the art of cooking. Learning to cook will not just help your kids to be independent but rather it will also teach them to respect the food that is being served. If you have got kids under age of 5 years, then you can opt for non-fire cooking recipes.

Gardening: Indoor gardening can be another interesting activity. You can teach your children about the kitchen herbs and their medicinal properties. Such insightful knowledge will be of great help to them in the long run. Likewise, if you have the issue of space constraint, then we advise you to go for bottle gardening or mini terrariums which do not require much of the space.

Nurturing Hobbies: There are ample of opportunities on the internet that can help your kids develop their hobbies. Depending upon your kid’s interest, you can browse through the internet to find video tutorials or notes that will guide your child to nurture his/her hobby. Moreover, you can leverage the lockdown offers that nearly offer the courses at a half price.

Thus, it’s true that isolation has been difficult for all of us, specifically kids. But this dark cloud certainly has a silver lining. All you need to do is just keep up with your patience and try to focus on the positive aspects of this scenario.

Once you start staying positive, your kids are sure to follow your footsteps. Having said that, if you come across any creative idea, then feel free to share it with us.


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