7 Easy Techniques To Build Vocabulary

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A good vocabulary can take you places. Right from killing an interview to set the very first impression – your communication skills play a key role. For a good communicator, it is important to have a good hold on the vocabulary as well.

Thus, here we have figured out 7 ways to build your vocabulary without any classes and only by sitting at home.

Read more – Reading is the ultimate way to develop your vocabulary. You can read poems or stories – in any genre. The more you read, the more words your brain gets to scan and ultimately it grapes those words. So, focusing on reading is a must. In your free time, practice reading on a regular basis.

Vocabulary games – As adults, we refrain from playing online but what if these games can actually help your vocabulary grow? Surf online, there are numerous games that are not just fun to play but delightfully end up enhancing your vocabulary too.

A new word a day – This would be your conscious effort towards increasing your vocabulary! Make a notebook and add one new word a day that you read or heard in the entire day. Use it in a sentence as well. This way by the end of the year, you will be able to discover at least 365 new words!

Thesaurus – This website shall be your best friend in the quest of increasing your vocabulary. Every time you find a common word try to find it’s synonymous using this website. You will be amazed at the number of new words you are able to find.

Speak more – In order to enhance your vocabulary, you don’t just have to read more but also put those words into use on a daily basis. So, the more you speak in the language the faster it would be for you to learn.

Diverse reading – While it is good to have a genre to be preferred while reading, please don’t think twice before switching to something else. Diversifying your reading gives you a chance to glance at an entirely new set of words. So, it is best to once in a while read something that may not be your usual choice.

Visualize new words – To make your learning easy, this is one of the tricks that you can try. Every time you learn a new word, try to visualize it. Create an association of it which makes it easier for you to memorize. Visualization technique is of great help if done right.


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