How to stop annoying Robocalls on your iPhone or Android

Robocalls: A robocall is a call that delivers pre-recorded messages via auto-dialing program to millions of people each day. If you answer your phone and hear a recorded voice instead of a real personal speaking, you are listing to a robocall.

Some robocalls provide helpful information, such as fight cancellations or appointment reminders. Mostly, though, they are trying to sell you something, and many of them are scams.

Billions of robocalls are made each month globally, and they are largely seen as a nuisance. Technology makes it affordable and simple for scammers and telemarketers to make robocalls over the internet, which is why they are so common.

How to stop annoying Robocalls on your iPhone or Android

How to block robocalls

If you are wondering what to do about this type of call or how to Report Spam Calls, here are some tips:

How to stop robocalls on iPhone

For those wondering how to stop spam calls on iPhone, iOS gadgets are permit you to stop specific numbers from contacting you, or. If you favor, you can forward all calls from unfamiliar contacts directly to a voicemail.

To block a phone number:

  1. Go to the Phone app and tap “Recents”
  2. Locate the number you would love to block
  3. Tap the blue “I” within a circle to the right of the number
  4. On the next display, scroll down a tap on “Block this caller”
  5. Tap on the option “Block contact” on the message which emerges

How to stop robocalls on Android

The process to follow to block fake calls on Android is similar to the one you use for iPhone.

To block a number of your Android gadget:

  • Open the phone application from the home display
  • Locate the tab “recent” and tap on it.
  • Find the number you want to block, tap on it, and then click on the “I” in circle
  • Locate the “Block” button and verify by hitting “Block” in the pop-up message

How to report robocalls

In the America, you can report robocalls to the Federal Trade commission. You can also register your number with the National Do Not Call Registry. Now you can also Report Harassing Phone Calls at Callmsg and Report Spam Calls.

How to stop robocalls on your landline

What you can do to save your landline depends on its type:

On a traditional landline

If you use a traditional landline, you can purchase and install a call-blocking service. Call blocking gadgets are generally little boxes you connect to your phone. Some tools use blacklist databases of famous fake numbers but let you include numbers you want to be blocked. Other devices rely on you to make and update your own blacklist of numbers to block.


If you use Voice over internet protocol as your landline tool, you could contact your service provider and ask if they give software that stops robocalls and, if so, what choices and prices are accessible. Even if they do not, they might still permit to flag unsolicited calls.


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