6 Ways to Boost Your Sales Team’s Productivity with Tech

We’re getting into that time of year where the sun is out, the weather is warming up, and more and more consumers are hitting the shops and the sales to improve their homes, their lives, and even their businesses.

While this is great news for your sales team, it’s also great news for every other business’ sales team too. So how do you make sure that your team specifically has the edge over everyone else?

6 Ways to Boost Your Sales Team’s Productivity with Tech

Investments Make the Difference

Investing in your sales team now will mean they can provide you with a better level of work in the future, boosting both their sales results and their sense of achievement at work and your bottom-line profits allowing you to continue the great work that your business is doing.

Sales is an incredibly competitive world, no matter what product or service your business is selling, and no matter who your business is selling to, be that selling to businesses or selling to consumers.

Help Your Sales Team to Succeed

It’s time to help your sales team out by boosting their access to technology that can improve their return rate and ensure that you are getting the best out of them and succeeding in the way they wanted to do.

Here are six ways you can use technology to help your sales team improve their finding of prospects and their conversion rates.

Use A Proper Field Sales CRM

Your sales team wants every customer to feel like they are their number one priority, but in reality, your team will be talking to several customers throughout the day and keeping track of all of these conversations can be hard work, even for the most committed and talented sales team member.

For this reason, you need to use a proper CRM tool (customer relationship management tool).

Install a proper CRM tool for your sales team and watch their workload improve and their ability to hold conversations with multiple clients or customers improve tenfold karma modern CRM can even provide the ability to sync data from the field, enabling you’re traveling field sales team to update customer details on the go and have it fully synchronized to the CRM tool for usage either when they get back to the office or for their office-based teammates.

Increase Your Virtual Offering

The covid-19 global health pandemic has pushed more businesses towards virtual options than ever before.

Businesses holding virtual conferences and virtual learning sessions were a fairly niche idea gaining popularity before the pandemic. However, now that everyone is used to using Zoom, Teams, Google meets, and every other type of virtual platform, there are more options than ever before for virtual learning and virtual conferencing for your teams.

This is great news for your sales team because it means that you can now offer learning and development without having to send your team off-site. In addition, for your sales team who are spread across a wider geographical area, they can now feel like that intimate team that you need them to be by using video conferencing to communicate in real-time.

Embrace Mobile Tech

When it comes to a traveling sales team specifically, embracing mobile technology is going to be one of the biggest things that you can do to help them increase their sales and manage their workload.

Mobile technology such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, will help your team to stay on top of their tusks and stay connected to the rest of the team.

Mobile technology is improving every single day, and it’s worth your business investing in the best mobile technology you can afford, and that will work well for your sales team to support their work.

This also means investing in the training and the apps and technology that your sales team will need to use on their mobile devices to carry out their tasks.

Investing in mobile and being at the forefront of innovation when it comes to mobile sales is one of the main things that most companies are overlooking, and this could provide you with the edge that you have been looking for.

Buddy Up Your Sales and Marketing Teams

If two teams should be working together more often in your organization, it’s your sales team and your marketing team.

Before we go any further, it is absolutely critical that you realize that sales and marketing are two very different jobs. Most marketers are not particularly good at sales, and most salespeople are not particularly good at marketing.

Why then should these two teams buddy up more often?

The simple answer is that your marketing team understands your customers incredibly well; they have done deep competitor analysis and market segmentation, they understand customer personas and pain points.

Your sales team will also understand your customer limitations and what are the bottlenecks for customer decisions.

Bringing these two things into the limelight together will allow both teams to learn a lot from each other and both to improve the way they work because they have the information, they need to get the best results.

Incentivize, Incentivize, Incentivize!

Indeed, most sales teams are always after the win!

Results drive any good salesperson, and results are always needed to incentivize your sales team.

What happens, though, when those sales are difficult to get anyway? Is it OK to leave your team hanging waiting for that elusive sale when the sales may be few and far between as standard?

The truth is, you need to be incentivizing your sales team properly and giving them the boosts, they need, even in a very difficult and competitive sales environment.

An incentivized and pumped-up sales team will always work better and harder for you despite the barriers and obstacles in their way.

Email Is Not Dead

The very last thing that you should be aware of is that email marketing is not dead; it just needs a new approach.

Invest in email tracking and good email marketing tools along with email sales to help your sales team turn a cold lead into a warm lead and hopefully conversion.


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