How to Make the Most of Your 30s

 How to Make the Most of Your 30s

30s is a rough journey. This decade does not only take toll on your mental health regarding your various relationships, but also on your physical self. Believe it or not, it’s past the time where you partied till 3am in the morning, or when you go drunk on a gallon of beer. Now it’s the age to taste the high end wines before turning to the champagne list.

Making the most is hard, but easy if you follow:

  1. Travel: You have already spent almost a decade deciding on the base of your career. Now that you are already into it, it’s best you take some time off and travel for a while. It has never been wrong meeting with our old friends, and there is nothing more exciting than getting to know new people.
  2. Now, parents are friends. Communicate: You are at a stage where family becomes really important. Gone are the wild days of partying, getting drunk with friends and returning home real late. Now that they are over, talk to your parents. Know about how they want to see their future with you.
  3. Know where you want your career to be: You have to set realistic goals for yourself. Don’t over-commit, or under-work. There has to be a balance in everything. Push yourself for a better tomorrow, but don’t thrust too hard to stress yourself out.
  4. Keep relationships stable: Maintaining constant relationships at this stage is mandatory. That might not only be concerning your love life, but even friends and family.
  5. Start on a retirement plan: Deal with the fact that you are not getting any younger. With the hike in the value of every materialistic thing, you have to know when the right time to plan for your own retirement is. And trust me, it’s now. Starting that task from an early stage has never been undervalued.
  6. Appreciate yourself; do not go apologizing for earlier days: We all have been wild during our 20s. If you haven’t made gross mistakes during that while, you haven’t lived to the fullest. But that doesn’t mean that now that you are realizing them, you have to go apologizing to anyone, even yourself, for them. It’s a part of living.
  7. Addictions are a no no: Drug usage and brimming yourself with alcohol might have sounded real fun back them, but now that you know they do more harm than any good, keep yourself away. Mental and physical balance is a crucial factor now.
  8. Be a less wild: Do not go on partying the whole night. Now, weekends are for resting. Read a novel, relax on the couch or go through a movie marathon. Rest your body. Believe it or not, you are getting old.
  9. Grow; you’re still young at heart: Learning new experiences does not belong only to a particular age. You can still grow as a human being, as every relationship around you demands.

It’s still the 30s now. Don’t stress yourself out with everything around you. It’s not all your responsibilities yet.


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