How to Keep Your Mobile Usage Under Control

How to Keep Your Mobile Usage Under Control

It is very easy to let your life be consumed by a cell phone. Nowadays people use cell phones for various things which can thus result in feeling that you are shackled to technology. There are a lot of ways to lessen the usage of your mobile phone. Keeping Your phone aside for some hours of the day and limiting your phone for only things like alarm clock can definitely help. If you are having children set, clear strict rules about when and how they can use the cell phones.

Limiting your time on the phone

  • How often you are using your phone

The first and the foremost step to reduce the usage of your cell phone is being honest with yourself about how much time you are spending with your phone. Once you have got an idea of how often you are on your phone, you can then decide how much you wish to cut down.

  • Turn off your mobile phone notification

Most of the apps come with notifications which can tempt you and get lost on your phone. For example, you made receive notification every time someone interacts or does anything on social media. This will cause you to check the various applications and websites and can thus result in mindless browsing. In the latest smartphones, there is a feature called the do not disturb which when turned on will not show any notification thus will not disturb you.

  • Try and use a real alarm clock over your phone

Many people have the habit of using mobile phones as an alarm clock. So, whenever you are using a mobile phone as an alarm clock, the first thing that you do in the morning is to check your social media And other information. To lessen the temptation, use an actual alarm clock. You can also try to keep your mobile phone away from your bed so to create a phone free space and it will also help you sleep properly.

  • Block the time to respond to messages

The fact is that mobile phones are necessary these days. You cannot stop using a mobile phone altogether especially when your work is dependent on it. So, to help yourself, try to schedule a time to return to things such as messages, notifications and emails. In this way, you will not be tethered to your mobile phone all today and you will also make sure that you return the messages in a timely way.

  • Turn off your smartphone during certain hours each day

It is very important to have such a time in a day when your mobile phone is switched off altogether. It can be quite tempting to check your social media notifications and other information if your phone is right there within your reach. Have a set time each day where you will turn off your mobile phone. This can be particularly helpful before going to sleep as this will help you calm down to unwind for sleep.


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