7 Ways of Spending a Fun Weekend all by Yourself

Seven ways of spending a fun weekend all by yourself

Weekends are generally the most fun filled and exciting times of the month. You either plans to spend them partying with friends or going on a road trip or have some quality time with family. But there are times when you have to a spend the weekend alone and this can be pretty boring. But it doesn’t have to be. You can have a great weekend all by yourself. Here are some of the ways of doing so:

Remember All Your Stressful Days to begin with

This may sound crazy. When you are alone and do not know what to do, just memorize all your stressful days, the examinations, days before deadlines and a hectic day at work. Ever noticed that all the creative and fun ideas strike your mind when you are stuck with some work or prepare for a test? Reminding yourself of these days also reminds you what you wanted to do with your leisure time. And with a little focus, you can have a list of ideas.

Clean your closet

This might be really exciting. Cleaning your closet takes you on a nostalgic trip of childhood memories, your college friends, and an earlier version of you. This can also give you some insights as to where are you going in life and you might want to rethink your approach.

Watch an Independent Movie

Movies are not just made for entertainment purpose. Many indie movies are made which can make you think about things. But these movies cannot be watched with friends or family (unless they love these kinds of stuff!). So use your time to indulge into some deep, meaningful movies.

Be Creative

Being alone is the best time to unleash an artist in you. Start drawing and painting something, make some do it yourself home decor items, write a poem or a story. This will give you a sense of reward when the final piece of art is ready. Or you can also try out writing a blog.

Make Plans

Switch on your laptop and start making new plans for the future. Jot down the list of things you have been planning for years but could not pursue them for some or the other reason. Now you can assess as to which one is the most suitable to execute at present.


Alone time can be perfect for having a long drive and getting away from the distractions of a tempting city life and giving your mind a little rest in the lap of nature. This also gives you a chance to explore new places on your own without having to listen to anyone and making compromises.


It is said that cooking is one of the best stress busters. So go to your kitchen and start cooking a dish you have never made (it might be a cup of tea for some people!). Give yourself a treat by serving a good meal and enjoying it with your favorite TV show.

It is sometimes necessary to spend some time with yourself without letting your mind wander in the past or future. This helps you in organizing your thoughts and who knows, this might be a gateway to the solution to all your problems. One advice while being alone, it is better to meditate rather than over think.


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