8 Fast Growing Jobs in Dubai with Salaries

8 Fast Growing Jobs in Dubai with Salaries

It is being observed that in last few decades Dubai has proved itself to be called as a “dream destination” for professional expertise from all over the world. The actual fact behind this is the highest paying salaries, great growth in career and a luxurious lifestyle. It is seen that Dubai is one of the safest city in the world and many well-known companies have opened their offices in the city. The very fact about getting hired for a particular job will increase one’s interest more for coming in Dubai, which is that there is no minimum wage rate in this luxurious city. One’s salary may vary for some particular yet shocking factors which are- age, qualification, negotiation skills, employee history, experience etc. There are some job posts which are highly appreciated over there with great pay –

1)      Chief Executive Officer (CEO)- It sounds very obvious to know the real fact that the CEO’s should be the highest paid workers as they are the company leaders. The decisions made by them leave a great impact on the future of a particular organization. They are the managers who look out for the work procedures which should be carried on and the supplier of the resources.

Average income: 100,000 or $28,400 per month.

2)      Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)-  they are the managers who look after the marketing operations of a company. They are held responsible for all marking strategies opted by a company to increase their sales.

Average income: 95,000 or $27000 per month.

3)      Chief Financial Officer (CFO)-  they are the chief advisers of an organization. They are held responsible for all financial planning and risk-taking ideas of a corporation. They are considered as a very important part of the company as all highs and lows suffered by the company and its employees depend on them.

Average income: 77,000 or 22,000 per month

4)      Senior Engineer– Dubai is known more for its Real Estate Industry than any other industries which exist over there. And as everyone is quite well known about the fact of real estate which growing all over the world and especially in Dubai, so, engineers are also in high demand in Dubai as well as may be in other places. Senior Engineers over here are held responsible for plumbing, mechanical and electrical installations.

Average income: 62,000 or 18,000 per month

5)      Chief Information Officer– the person who wants to apply for this position in Dubai should have 10 to 12 years of experience in IT field. The people who are appointed in this position are held responsible for to make sure that all the systems which are needed in the company are perfect in their places hence a person should have known about all the modern technological trends and equipment.

Average income: 60,000 or 17,500 per month

6)      Actuary – the person who is selected for this job should have a great knowledge of mathematics and expertise skill. Their work is to analyse financial results and risks, which involves insurance and consulting the company to invest money carefully.

Average income: 55,000 or 16,000 per month

7)      Doctors: as everyone knows that the person who practises this profession is never seated unemployed.  Doctors are highly qualified and should have had practiced from very well-known medical colleges, they have a huge demand in any country where ever one can visit.

Average income: 73,000 0r 21,000 per month

8)      Pilots– there are several big airline companies like- Emirates, Etihad, by Dubai who are operating in there. They are always in search of good and professionally qualified pilots, plus the pilots get additional benefits such as School fee, allowances, free housing etc.

Average income: 52,000 or 15,500 per month


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