Turning in Your Resignation? Here is What You Must Consider

Turning in Your Resignation? Here is What You Must Consider

Leaving a day job is no joke. There are plenty of reasons why one might feel the urge to quit their regularly paid job and go on a new venture. It can happen at any point in life. Quitting your job is  a daunting task. There are a lot of things to consider before turning in your resignation letter. Here are a few main points:

  • Have a Good Reason:

The first question to ask yourself is, “Is quitting this job worth what I’m quitting it for?” think hard and be reasonable. If you get a positive answer to this question, you are good to go. People may quit their jobs because of the unfriendly work atmosphere, or because they find their job uninteresting and mundane. Find out yours and then take the next step.

  • Know Your Next Step:

Keep your Plan B handy. Have an idea about what you would like to do in the future, whether it is for the pursuit of a higher pay check or for setting up your own business or to move into a more conducive atmosphere. . .  Whatever you decide upon, be double assured about your next step.

  • Plan:

Planning is the most essential part of this transition in your life. Decide how will you  get to that dream company and  how you will gather resources for your business. Keep a track of the market, educate yourself before doing anything. Your plan may not play out exactly as you think , but that doesn’t mean, you wouldn’t plan at all! .

  • Minimize Risk:

The future is full of uncertainties for you. You must plan your resignation at the time where it comes as a minimal risk for you. You need to be able to pay the bills for the next few months or possibly the year because you will be busy with your new venture. Do not dive into uncharted waters. Taking risks is a good thing and can change your life for the better, but it is always good to have an insight.

  • Start Part Time:

Start working on your idea whilst you are still working your present job. Put extra hours of your life into making your dreams come true. Ban excuses! This period of transition is more important than anything else. This can mean anything from seeing prospective clients at business conventions to creating ties to contacts that will help you with your resources in the future.

  • Create Ties:

Another important thing you must have under your belt before quitting is creating ties in the industry in which you are interested to work. This can be through business conventions, retreats, or online via media like LinkedIn, etc. You never know which network would turn out to be the most helpful one in near future.

  • Be Ethical:

Be loyal to your job as long as you are working there. Do not use the resources of the current firm to build your own business or to go into another firm. Do it on your own time and with your own resources. Chances are, you will get a good letter of recommendation from your boss for your next job.

Quitting can be a life changer. It can make or break your career. Do not be afraid. In the contemporary economy, people tend to change their careers three to four times on an average in their lifetime. Transition is good, change is good and one must welcome it. But one must also educate and plan in order to not only survive, but also thrive in this generation.


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